Worth-It Watch For Top 8 Best Teenage Movies On Netflix


From new favorite movies to 2000s classic ones, these are the best teenage movies on Netflix streaming on Netflix right now.

Netflix has upped its rom coms for teens in recent years, and the results have been delightful.  There are so many funny, heartbreaking, and downright classic movies about teens available to stream on this platform. For helping you pick a favorite, here are the best teenage movies on Netflix.

Easy A (2010)

In this early Emma Stone movie, the actress plays a teenager named Olive who, when a lie about losing her virginity spreads like wildfire, embroiders an “A” on all of her clothing and starts up a little business that lets her classmates spread rumors about their (not true) sexual exploits for money. Irresistibly funny and charismatic in the role, Stone shines in this star-making moment. Largely due to her performance and the movie’s cues taken from John Hughes classics before it, Easy A is a sex comedy that actually deserves an A+ for being as smart and witty as it is.

The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

People love Paul Rudd! That belief alone probably motivated this paint-by-numbers mid-2000s indie ripoff, which stars Rudd as a retired writer (hah!) searching for his next chapter. After deciding to become a caregiver, he gets a job from a woman whose teenage son, Trevor, has muscular dystrophy, but also a sarcastic sense of humor. When Rudd and the kid go on a road trip to see famous roadside attractions, they learn plenty about each other, but—spoiler—just as much about themselves. Selena Gomez shows up as a love interest for good measure, so if you’re in the mood for funny teenage movies on Netflix and for an undemanding, treacly teen road-trip flick, The Fundamentals of Caring is your Rudd-approved best bet.

Good Burger (1997)

Welcome to Netflix, home of Good Burger, which you should watch in short order. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell spun off a popular sketch from Nickelodeon’s All That to make this rowdy comedy about teens who spend the summer working at their friendly neighborhood fast-food stand and the Nick slime-worthy gaffes that result from a foul burger-chain rivalry. With cameos from Shaq and Sinbad, French-fry gags, and a brawl over an insanely tasty secret sauce, you’ll be snort-laughing milkshake out your nose in the first 10 minutes.

The Half Of It (2020)

“This is not a love story,” the heroine, Ellie Chu, says at the outset of The Half of It, Alice Wu’s coming-of-age film. It’s one of those witty lines that the lead in teen movies tends to say, but this Netflix original is a lot smarter than that opening line—and it’s more endearing for it. The film follows Ellie, the only person of Chinese descent in a tiny town called Squahamish who writes her high school classmates’ papers for money. One of those offers comes from a boy named Paul Munsky who wants her help to write a love letter for a girl named Aster Flores. A conflicted Ellie, who also has a crush on Aster, at first declines but ultimately succumbs to help her family get by with her side hustle. It sounds like the making of a classic rom-com, but The Half of It is truly not a love story as it plays out, which makes it one of Netflix’s more mature teen originals.

Lady Bird (2017)

The dizzying, frustrating, exhilarating rite of passage that is senior year of high school is the focus of actress Greta Gerwig’s first directorial effort, the story of a girl named Lady Bird (her given name, in that “it’s given to me, by me”) who rebels against everyday Sacramento, California life to obtain whatever it is “freedom” turns out to be. Laurie Metcalf is an understated powerhouse as Lady Bird’s mother, a constant source of contention who doggedly pushes her daughter to be successful in the face of the family’s dwindling economic resources. It’s a tragic note in total complement to Gerwig’s hysterical love letter to home, high school, and the history of ourselves.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Stephen Chbosky’s adaptation of his beloved novel will take you back to adolescence in a way many coming-of-age films aim to capture but not all can. The film, about an introverted high school freshman named Charlie discovering where he fits in for the first time when he befriends a group of outsider seniors, while he feels forced to cope with his best friend’s suicide and mental illness in private, will take you back to all of the feelings you felt at 16. Lerman’s endearing portrayal, as well as each character’s own delicate experience, the heartwarming dialogue ripped from the text, and that tender soundtrack, are more than enough to have you nostalgic for drives around your hometown and desperate to put on an 8-track and have a good cry. If you let it, it’ll make you “feel infinite.”

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17 Again (2009)

Anyone else remember Zac Efron’s first post-High School Musical debut? We sure do. In 17 Again, Mike O’Donnell, former high school basketball star, gives up his dreams of being a star player to marry his high school sweetheart. Fast forward into his adult life and he is unhappy with how everything has turned out. One night, through a strange turn of events, he gets the chance to go back to being (you guessed it) 17 again and remake his life. What follows is a hilarious and heartfelt story of family, love, and finding yourself.

Superbad (2007)

If it’s written by Seth Rogen, it’s safe to assume it’s going to be funny. This coming-of-age flick stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, among others, and follows the wild misadventures of two best friends as they try to have the night of their lives. You and your roommate will be in stitches by the time the credits start rolling.

Put on your varsity jacket, grab your Trapper Keeper, and stream these best teenage movies on Netflix. If you can’t get enough of these teen dreams, check out the Best Movies For Single On Netflix Make You Happy With Current Status

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