Why Is TeaTV Not Working? Common TeaTV Issues for Android in 2022


TeaTV is not working, TeaTV app is not installed, TeaTV not downloading, and many other issues of TeaTV that you are facing will be solved in this post. Here are all the common problems of TeaTV and how to fix them!

TeaTV with a lot of great features for streaming TV shows and movies free has become popular all over the world with millions of users. Still, the application is not perfect and often encountered some errors. As for helping you get over these offsides easily, this post compiled the list of TeaTV issues for Android in 2022 and of course included solutions for each.

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Tea TV app not installed

If you encounter problems like TeaTV APK not working Android, TeaTV not downloading directly to your phone, etc. Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  • Check that your device is compatible with the application: Android 4.4+, and above. 
  • Make sure that the version you are using is the latest version and is downloaded from  TeaTV’s official website.
  • Try to restart the system and clear caches, re-open, or re-install this app.
  • If this problem is still going on, please contact our support team via Twitter or Facebook Group for assistance.

Unable to install latest updates of TeaTV on Android

TeaTV sometimes crashes when updating new versions. However, you can completely fix this problem by yourself. Read this instruction and redownload TeaTV on your Android to get the latest version of TeaTV.

 There are no player links available on TeaTV

Some people often undergo problems with player links on TeaTV. First, please exit and re-open the app. Then try to get the link again. Another effective way many people also use is trying to restart the system and clear caches. If still no link is available, you should use a VPN app to change your IP.

Note: This problem also comes with some movies that are too old or too new to have the link. 

– With old movies, please contact TeaTV team via Reddit and Twitter to update the links for you. 

– About new ones, this is rarely happening because contents on TeaTV are updated really fast, but just in case there aren’t any player links, please wait for about 1 day after the movie/ show official release date, there will be links available to stream.

Can’t download movies on TeaTV

If you are failed to download with Download Manager on TeaTV, we highly recommend using TPlayer instead for the best performance. All you need to do is access this link on Google Play, once TPlayer is already set up on your phone, back to TeaTV and redownload your contents.

Losing watchlist after updating

To avoid this situation, please tick Backup option in the setting. After the update, press Restore button to synchronize the data. Additionally, you can also use Trakt account to save your watchlist.

Subtitle issues on TeaTV

  • Subtitle is too small: You can change subtitle size in the setting of TeaTV.
  • Subtitle time is not correct with movie: You can use subtitle adjust timer on the play screen or find another subtitle
  • Download subtitle fail: There is a lot of subtitle sources fetched in the app, so you can try other sources.

TeaTV keeps buffering

Buffering is a common issue that affects all streaming. This problem is caused by the network between your device and the streaming server. For TeaTV buffering fix, please re-open the app or use VPN to change your IP and get faster speed.

These are common problems or issues of TeaTV for Android in 2022. If you have any questions or issues that weren’t mentioned in the post, please contact us via Reddit and Twitter.

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