Watching movies is great entertainment – powerful enough to break the boredom and bring happy moments to life. A good movie can easily shake off the tiredness of a long and busy day. And they are especially refreshing when you can watch them for free through the app. And here is our list of the best free movie streaming apps this September.

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While many of these free movie streaming apps are available at the application stores of individual platforms, you may also download some from other sources. Depending on the available memory space, you may either stream movies online or download them to your device.

Top 3 best apps to watch free movies for Android & iOS


This is a great app, in a humble way, it contains all the movies around the world. Yes, TeaTV is a stream movie and TV show application from many sources around the world. It supports multiple languages and over 60 subtitle languages. TeaTV’s friendly user interface helps you keep track of your HOT movies, new releases, trending movies and your favorite movies. This will help you to not miss any of the world’s best films.

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As I said, it contains thousands of films with a variety of genres: War, Fiction, Science, Anime, Romance, Horror, … With such a huge movie archive it will encounter many server errors? You do not need to worry, TeaTV stream Movies and TV shows from many sources so the movie link is always guaranteed and the application is always stable operation.

My favorite feature is probably the ability to download movies for offline viewing when I want. You can choose the video quality, subtitle language and source to download to your device, which is something that few applications can do. This is a great app.


We will start with a great application for anime lovers – Viewster. The app is available for both iOS and Android. When you open the app, all the latest videos will be displayed from the beginning. The search bar located at the top right makes it easy to find the movie you love.

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Viewster has a neatly organized menu. You can view All Channels, Recent Channels, and Trending Channels. As you expect, content is divided based on the same category. There is also a Browse section of the movie streaming application. That will give you access to all the different content on Viewster. Moreover, each video is sorted based on its category. This makes it easier to find what you want.

Most of the free movies on Viewster are anime and you can find lots of related content there. If you are a fan of other genres, the next one will be useful to you. One more thing, In the Videos section, you will find a collection of your favorite videos. The History page saves any videos you’ve watched.


Unlike Vewster, Crackle offers mostly a few long films. Although it’s a Sony product, it does not disappoint us with exclusive movies that you can watch for free. The interface and UX of the app are great.

Featured content (movies and TV series) is displayed right on top of the main page. To keep your day radiant with content, there are about 40 full-length dramas and hundreds of full-length movies. Like all good apps, Crackle supports interactive Favorites. This allows you to keep track of all your favorite content in one place.

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Crackle also supports many devices. This feature works so well that you can pause a movie on one device and continue on another device similar to the Spotify app. A jewel of a feature on Crackle is called Always On. This allows you to stream live video while you are looking for new content (you may already be familiar with this feature on Youtube). In addition to all its features, Crackle also allows you to share videos on social sites. A small limitation – you need a VPN for Crackle if you plan to use it outside of the United States.

As the title of the article, we will list the best applications to download movies for free. So, these three applications are the top 3 apps rated by users all over the world. Having fun!