Christmas is looming, let’s tie the holiday season with all heartwarming new Christmas movies 2021!

If you are pulling out your Christmas tree to light as soon as degree outside dipping below 60, so you’re ready for this holiday. In the end of 2021 we have seen a bunch of Christmas theme movies on air even to celebrate the spirit of the season. But we only have few days left before Santa parks his sleigh on our roofs, so let’s make it easier by pointing out 5 best of those many Christmas films. Now, hang your stockings by the chimney with care, roast some chestnuts on an open fire, and settle in for best new Christmas movies 2021.

Love Hard

Netflix always knows how to keep you on track, especially when it comes to special events in a year like Christmas. Each year, they publish numerous films about this holiday, and 2021 is no exception. In this list only, we have 4 representatives from the streaming service, Love Hard is one of those.

Love Hard follows Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev), who chronicles her crappy online dating life in L.A. for a website, but who thinks she’s broken the unlucky streak by matching with total Tinder smokeshow Josh. But when she flies to New York to surprise him, turns out she was being catfished by the childhood friend of the guy in the profile photos. He agrees to set Natalie up with Photo Man—a dude realistically named Tag—if she agrees to pretend to be Josh’s girlfriend in front of his family. I think you can guess what happens next, but it’s truly a delight to watch it unfold. Bonus: Dream boyfriend and spectacular ab-haver Harry Shum Jr. also stars.

Premiere date: November 5

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Yet another Netflix title here on this list of new Christmas movies 2021. This time we have a sequel to the identity-switch franchise.

The story followed Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy the Princess of Belgravia, Vanessa Hudgens as Margaret the Queen of Montenaro, and Vanessa Hudgens as Lady Fiona Pembroke as they get into various Christmas doppelgänger hijinks. The Princess Switch 3, however, completely diverts this narrative by having no look-alikes at all, just one lone Vanessa Hudgens taking on Christmas-related romps all by herself.

Just kidding, it’s doppelgänger stuff again, this time involving a handsome thief. Vanessa Hudgens is the hardest working woman in Christmas movies.

Premiere date: November 18.

A Castle for Christmas

Breaking up to the third but not least interesting Netflix film on this list, we have A Castle for Christmas.

Brooke Shields plays a successful writer whose last book was a disaster. But! She becomes inspired again after a visit to Scotland and a for-sale castle that comes with a hot Duke with a ‘tude, played by Cary Elwes. The twist is that he refuses to move out before Christmas, so they have to cohabitate for 90 days. It’s Christmas! It’s romance! It’s more royalty! It’s all great, but be honest: This movie had you at “Brooke Shields,” didn’t it?

Premiere date: November 26.

A Boy Called Christmas

What can we describe this movie? Simply put, it’s a magical, fantastical, and rather a big-budget Christmas movie about a boy who teaches the world to believe. It looks very Narnia-esque. Plus, Dame Maggie Smith and a bunch of other very famous British actors all make appearances.

Premiere date: November 24

Blending Christmas

Finding something that’s not Netflix but still covers Christmas vibes? If so, you should definitely check out Blending Christmas.

Blending Christmas hits the exact notes you want to hear when you think “made-for-TV Christmas movie.” That’s largely due to its truly weird stunt casting, featuring several members of the original and film adaptations of The Brady Bunch, starring as Haylie Duff’s family who surprise her at a resort where her boyfriend intends to propose.

Premiere date: December 12

That’s all for best new Christmas movies 2021. Hopefully, you find this list fits your taste and mood and have the most satisfactory streaming nights. 

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