Many of the best movies ever made were based on books, and also win the Oscar award. We have rounded up our favorite list of 2021 best movies based on books. Hopefully, you will enjoy these book-to-movie adaptations. 

It’s always fun to watch the movie after finishing the book… and sometimes it’s useful to have that added motivation to finish reading if you get easily distracted by life. Plus, it provides a built-in compare and contrast conversation. There are some seriously good book-to-film adaptations in 2021. If you’re more of a bookworm than a theatre kid, here are the best movies based on books that have, and will, hit the screens in 2021.

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The White Tiger

Release Date: January 13

Ramin Bahrani’s adaptation was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, and the book it’s based on won the Booker Prize. That makes it one of the most decorated adaptations on here, plus, Priyanka Chopra!

The Dig

Release Date: January 15

Simon Stone’s film about the true story of the famous 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo, a medieval ship that was found buried underneath an ordinary woman’s home, is kind of a Netflix hidden gem—the perfect soothing movie for a rainy afternoon—and I have a hunch the book will have a similar effect.

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To All The Boys: Always & Forever

Release Date: February 12

The final installment in the Netflix series of films based on Jenny Yan’s novel series finally dropped on Netflix in 2021, giving us all the feels about teen romance and college admissions.

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French Exit

Release Date: February 12

This dark comedy by Patrick DeWitt is supposed to be a really fun read—and if you watch the film starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges, you’ll want to know if the ending is the same.

Nomadland – One of the best movies based on books of all time 

Release Date: February 19

Then there’s this year’s Best Picture winner. Chloe Zhao’s film is actually based on a nonfiction book by Jessica Bruder, a journalist.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Release Date: May 14

Is this action thriller as, well, thrilling on the screen acted out by Angelina Jolie and Jon Bernthal as it is in the book? There’s only one way to find out.

The Last Letter From Your Lover

Release Date: July 23

This romance, available to stream on Netflix, is based on a book that’s about reading letters. You owe it to Ellie Haworth, the protagonist, to stream it right now.

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The Green Knight

Release Date: July 30

David Lowery’s spooky epic adventure starring the dashing Dev Patel is based on a 14th Century Middle English poem. If you want to make chivalric romance your new fall hobby, you need to check it out.

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The Last Duel 

Release Date: October 15

This historical drama has everyone buzzing because it reunites Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. It’s based on a thriller about a woman who claims she was raped by her husband’s best friend, so the men decide to engage in a duel. If you simply can’t wait for the movie to come out, you can read the book first.

Dune – One of most anticipated of movies inspired by books

Release Date: October 22

Definitely not speaking from personal experience when I say that Dune is one of those classic books I’ve pretended to have read to avoid awkward conversations with fellow science fiction fans. Based on the reviews, the movie might be a little confusing if you’ve never read the book, so feel free to grab that first.

Thank you for reading! Cell brings us to the end of best movies based on books.

If you have your own list of movies inspired by books, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below!

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