As a TeaTV users, you sometimes would like to keep a backup handy for TeaTV and that’s what this post is about. Here are the best TeaTV alternatives in 2022!

TeaTV is a very popular video-on-demand streaming app for Movies and Shows. Even though it still works, it is often erratic. If you have been a regular user of this app, I am assuming you must now be looking for the best TeaTV replacement. That’s why I decided to compile this list.

Not all the apps on this list may be our preferred replacement for TeaTV. However, in my opinion, apps like Cinema HD APK and Nova TV are better than it.

TeaTV is riddled with ads. You would run into an annoying commercial at every turn. Thankfully, many of these TeaTV alternatives have fewer ads.


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The first on our list is VivaTV. This is is an exceptionally popular app among the online streamers. It offers tons of movies, TV series, and a lot more.

VivaTV is certainly one of the best streaming services available on the market and one of the finest alternatives for TeaTV. It lets you stream your favorite content in HD. The content is updated timely and therefore features all the latest movies and TV shows in its collection. You can download content for later viewing just like TeaTV.  You will find most of the TeaTV features in the Viva app. Heck; in my honest opinion, it also surpasses TeaTV in many aspects.

VivaTV fetches high-quality links for streaming pretty quickly. If you are looking for apps like TeaTV, you will find VivaTV to be a good substitute for it with a quick, reliable and massive collection of working streams. With an easy-to-use and clean interface, VivaTV is a delight to watch videos on.


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Have you come across this TeaTV alternative yet? Nova TV APK is another amazing media streaming service and is fairly new. It has all the latest movies and TV shows, making sure you get hours of non-stop entertainment.

The content library of Nova TV is truly impressive. With this app installed on your device, streaming your favorite content is super easy. In addition, it pulls out quite a lot of HD links with ton-notch visual and sound quality. Despite being new, this app is growing really fast in popularity and has a considerable number of users already.

CyberFlix TV

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If you are an avid steamer, it is quite possible that you are already familiar with Cyberflix TV. Even with numerous video streaming apps available around at the moment, the Cyberflix TV app still stands out due to the unique features and also the unmatched media collection that it possesses.

Cyberflix TV features a huge collection of on-demand media and healthy streaming links. In fact, the developers add new content every day, making sure you don’t need to wait to watch the latest movies and your favorite TV shows.


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Kodi is undoubtedly a great TeaTV alternative and has been around for quite some time now. Kodi is a cross-platform app that gives you access to movies and TV shows, but also sports, documentaries, kids content, music videos and much more. It has tons of useful features, making your streaming experience a breeze.

The very fact this app has effortlessly stood the test of time is evidence of its greatness. Being compatible with an endless array of remote controls, and coupled with its stunning interface, Kodi feels very simple to use.

TeaTV is not working? How to fix it? 

Access these links for instructions for each device.

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