South Korean movies and TV shows are gaining massive popularity on Netflix with the best Korean Netflix series 2020 released.

So, what are the best K dramas on Netflix? Let’s find the answer with our roundup of the top 8 Korean Netflix series

Hospital playlist

Hospital Playlist was aired in March 2020 as a Netflix original series. From the title, you can already guess what it’s all about: It’s a series set in the hospital where a group of doctors share the same passion for music. But it’s not just your usual medical-slash-musical drama—it’s a medical-slash-musical drama with a heart.

This group of doctors have been friends since they were in med school, and have been there for each other until now that they’re in their 40s. When the going gets tough during patient checkups and surgeries, they are always present to cheer each other up. They are all professional when it comes to their jobs, but they still find time to relax. This is through band sessions that they hold on nights when they’re not that busy.

Their friendship runs deep. Think of your friends that your family would often ask about, give pasalubong just like their own children or siblings, and could freely enter your house without invitation.

The Uncanny Counter

Based on the webtoon Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi, The Uncanny Counter is supposed to evoke less of the usual light dramedy feel than most K-dramas do. No, this show is more along the lines of a sci-fi adventure series like Heroes, where seemingly ordinary humans get incredible powers that they struggle to harness. There might be some romance, there might be a bit of backstory, but there’s a whole lot more action. If that’s something that intrigues you, what else are you waiting for? Let’s get on this drama immediately.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

A meaty, dark, whimsical melodrama that examines the difficulties faced by people suffering from trauma and mental illness, It’s Okay is not an easy watch at all. There is lots to unpack, difficult feelings to feel, and even internal biases to examine. So if you’re looking for a fluffy rom-com, this is probably not for you, for right now.

However, it is remarkably satisfying to witness our characters’ journeys, because those journeys are teased out so organically, that all of the growth and progress feels earned and true. Fantastic performances by our cast – with a special shout-out to Oh Jung Se for his impressively amazing interpretation of an autistic character – brings everything to life, and it’s not hard to get invested in our characters’ journeys.

There are a few bumps in the road, but overall, this proved to be a very satisfying watch.

Sweet Home

This is one of the new korean netflix series 2020, but had already made a hit on Netflix with a high ranking in Netlfix to 10 global

Put aside the graphics of this supposedly huge investment drama, or the plot of the drama version has changed a lot from the original one, Sweet Home wouldn’t be a bad choice for a purely entertainment purpose. Especially for people who have not read the graphic novel, this series might be a breath of fresh air. Different from the typical post-apocalyptic survival TV shows, the setting of this series is in an apartment complex called Green Home, filled with people who are escaping from something or rather desperately longing for something that’s out of reach. Instead of zombies, we have blood-thirsty monsters that will make you appreciate the undead’s decomposed look. For readers planning to binge-watch the live-action remake, we advise jumping right into it without comparing it to the original as we think it’s much better as a stand-alone.

Itaewon Class

Let’s move on to a title in my top 10 Korean Netflix series 2020, Itaewon Class.

An earnest, underdog story with lots of heart, Itaewon Class feels like a breath of fresh air, for a good part of its run. Even though the backstory hinges on the idea of revenge, this always feels more like a story of an underdog trying to make good, while collecting a found family along the way. In particular, I really appreciate the diversity that Itaewon Class embraces, in the course of peopling our drama world. I don’t think I’ve seen the same degree of diversity in another drama, to date.

Oddly, I feel like this drama is at once a Park Seo Joon vehicle, and yet, an ensemble drama, at the same time. Our protagonist Park Sae Ro Yi is the backbone of this story, and it’s his journey, his thoughts, his philosophy, and his unflagging determination that drives this story forward. At the same time, it’s the ensemble of endearing characters around him that makes this drama world pop and come alive in such a heartwarming way. Altogether, an unusual dichotomy that I’m happy to embrace.


This character-driven drama creates a compelling world by combining stories about teenage school life and serious criminal activity. While Ji-soo awkwardly deals with the school’s annoying guidance counselor (played by Park Hyun-Kwon), bullies, and a toxic parent, both Gyu-ri and Min-hee cope with their own insecurities and growing pains as they enter into adulthood. However, neither the law or moral values are factors in their collective sphere as they navigate the criminal world with almost-sociopathic ease.

Extracurricular’s characters are unapologetic, and not particularly likable. But the relationships between them grow more interesting and complex, which makes them worth investing in. Meanwhile, as Ji-soo’s criminal enterprise expands, the stakes get higher and create lots of entertaining suspense. The result is a binge-worthy series that is as thrilling as it is disturbing for those old enough to handle it.

Crash landing on you

Netflix knows how to please Korean viewers with its best Korean Netflix series 2020, and Crash Landing On you is no exception.

Led by mega-stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin, Crash Landing tells the story of South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri, who finds herself stranded in North Korea after a freak paragliding accident. Enter: Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, the handsome but stoic North Korean soldier who finds Se-ri and (surprise!) falls in love with her. With plenty of twists, turns, and rom-com tropes, writer Park Ji-Eun weaves a compelling story of star-crossed lovers, backed by Bin and Ye-Jin’s powerful chemistry and a charming supporting cast. The drama became a global hit and is currently the second-highest rated show in Korean cable TV history.

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