If you want some thrilling games but can’t handle it in real life, you can look over our Top 7 Death Game Movies on this article.

In these death game movies, games are not made to entertain participants but put them into a horrifying hell with death and betrayal.

Battle Royale

This movie has never been out of The 10 Best Death Game Movies.

Battle Royale is a very famous name for anime/manga lovers, especially horror fans. The movie takes place in a Japanese society that is on the brink of chaos because of economic depression, and the increasing teenage crime rate.

As a result, the government took drastic actions and created the Millennial Reform Act, a game on national television in which high school classes were randomly selected and all students were taken to an abandoned island, killing each other until only one survivor remains. Each child in the film is a representative of a social component and the audience will see how they are corrupted because of society’s affection.

Saw Series

Saw is one of the most famous disturbing series in the world, especially the deadly traps that cause victims to accept an extremely catastrophic death. However, each trap is actually a game with an answer, but the cost of not having the right answer is extremely expensive.

Sometimes victims have to use a saw to cut off their legs or ruin their whole hand to find the key. Very few people are brave enough or smart enough to answer Jig Saw’s games because he always uses the pressure of time on the victims that put them in an extremely stressed capacity.

Ready or Not

A beautiful young girl named Grace just had a very happy and beautiful wedding with Alex, son of the Le Domas family. On the night of their wedding, the whole family union sat at a cozy table and asked Grace to pick a random board game from a mysterious box. She won the game of hide and seek, and she was the hider, the rest of the members would be the seekers.

Unfortunately, this is a hide and seek hunting version. All family members chose each other an available weapon. Their target was to find and kill Grace before dawn. If not, according to Alex’s father, the whole family would be killed by Mr. Le Bail, a devil who signed a treaty with the ancestor of the Le Domas to help the family become wealthy. It’s only request was a sacrifice of a new member who picked up a bad luck hideout card. 


The story in Gantz is very special because it happens after the characters die. The characters will be put in a room with a black sphere in the middle. This is the place where the rules of the game were announced and the participants provided weapons. Their mission is very simple, destroy the aliens and win the corresponding score.

Gaining 100 points and they are able to “reincarnate”. There are two options for them, return to normal life or continue the game with a stronger weapon. But afterward, the more terrifying targets appeared to kill more participants in many creepy ways. Gantz currently has three different versions: anime, live-action, and a CGI animated named Gantz: O.

Liar Game

The main character of the movie is Kanzaki Nao, an honest girl. She is so innocent that she has never doubted anyone. Suddenly one day when Nao returned home, she received a box containing 100 million yen from the Liar Game Tournament (LGT). Since then, Nao officially entered a scam tournament, seeking to make money from other players without using violence. The winner will have 100 million yen.

However, only in the first round, she was cheated out of all her money. Akiyama Shinichi,  genius of defrauding, seeing that Nao is similar to his mother’s image in the past so he decided to help her. Shinichi decided to find out who is behind the LGT organization that has caused a lot of people to pervert, to deceive, and to betray each other. The deeper the two main characters go, the more harsh of the rules and the more attractive the rewards.

The Belko Experiment

Instead of a future dystopia or a lonely island, The Belko Experiment shifts the location to a normal office. The employees of Belko Inc. are trapped in their office one day and are instructed to kill at least two employees within 30 mins.

Things begin to snowball downhill rather quickly after that. But hey, they had their orders, right? Totally a reasonable excuse. Right? Written by James Gunn, the film received mixed reviews by critics but still engaged committed genre fans.

Alice In Borderland

Let’s move to one of the best death game movies on Netflix.

Alice In Borderland follows Arisu, a young man living on his family. He spends all his day playing games. His life is stuck in a deadlock cycle with a broken heart after his mother’s death and his father’s criticism for not being as talented as his brother. One day, when Arisu decided to leave home with two close friends Karube and Chota, all three of them suddenly entered into a mysterious world.

That place looks exactly like Shibuya, Tokyo, but there aren’t any humans here, all electronic items are also deactivated. The three men found out that they were not the only survivors. Several others appeared on the path to a special room. This is when their bloody journey started.

The Running Man

So we mentioned one of the death game movies 2020, now let’s take a look at deadly game shows since the 1970s, The Running Man is one classic from the 1980s that popularized this concept. Based on a Stephen King novella, the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a convict who lands in a game show where people are targeted by professional killers.

Schwarzeneggar being Schwarzenegger, punches his way out of this totalitarian state and consumerist show to achieve his freedom. His angst at the game show and the people who run it is exemplified from this scene where he looks directly at the camera and punches it saying, “I’ll live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your god-damn spine!”

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