Hey dreamers, get ready to have your heart broken in half and then put together again by our list of love romantic movies 2020.

‘To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You’

Talking about the best romantic movies of 2020, we can’t miss this flick. Everyone’s favorite Netflix rom-com got a sequel! Watch Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky navigate their relationship as a real couple as we bid goodbye to all that “fake dating” nonsense from the first film. Trouble, of course, starts to brew as another letter is uncovered from a former Model UN crush, John Ambrose McClaren.

What Are 2021 Best Movies Based On Books?

‘Happiest Season’

This holiday rom-com is about a young woman (Stewart) who plans to propose to her girlfriend (Davis) at her family’s annual holiday party. But they hit a bump in the road when she finds out her partner has yet to come out to her conservative parents. No more word, let’s get on this movie right night, it’s worth your time and deserved to take a place in the list of love and romance movies.

The Half of It

The third movie in love movies 2020 is my favorite for any gloomy day. The story about a boy named Jock who needs help getting the popular girl. Jock hires a “nerdy” girl to help him woo said, popular girl. The twist? The girl’s in love with her too, and accepting the deal will introduce her to a bond she never thought she would be apart of.

The Broken Hearts Gallery

With the help of her best pals and a cute new guy named Nick (Montgomery), recently dumped 20-something Lucy (Viswanathan) sets her sights on creating a gallery where people can leave items from past relationships.

Words On Bathroom Walls

During his senior year of high school, Adam is diagnosed with a mental illness. Soon he transfers from his public school to a Catholic school to escape the bullies. On the first day, he meets someone unlike anyone else, and a relationship unlike anything else blooms.

Valley Girl

The ending of love romance movies 2020 is Valley girl. The 1983 classic gets a musical update in this re-telling of a San Fernando Valley teen who finds expected love on the other side of the tracks, a.k.a. Hollywood Boulevard in this case. The costumes and makeup looks are exactly as fabulous as you imagine them to be.

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