Top 5 Free Android Movie Apps in Q2 2022


These free Android movie apps will help you get over your boredom and have a fulfilling movie streaming night!

Scrolling through feeds or watching an original series on a streaming service is also something that can help kill your spare time. There are dozens of movie apps available that you could get hooked on but here we have listed some of the best movie apps for Android (updated in Q2 2022) which will act as a stressbuster and help you release some stress.

Let’s get started!


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TeaTV is undeniable one of the best free Android movie apps in 2022. The use of TeaTV is very simple with a lot of great features and various types of movies from old to new.

All movies here are categorized based on their genre. The app is home to all kinds of movies. From horror to comedy and romance to drama, you’ll find it all here.

The player itself is quite spectacular, allowing users to watch videos of FHD quality. You also don’t need to open a video to know about the movie’s info. The info appears if you simply hover over a movie title with your cursor on the interface. If you are signed in, the site will allow you to add movies to your watch list with just one click, thus helping build your playlist automatically.

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VivaTV is yet another movie app that brings the movie-watching experience straight to your Android and iOS devices. The best part, of course, is you don’t pay a dime. The app offers a massive library of movies and TV shows, organized according to their genres. Aside from general entertainment, VivaTV also has a dedicated section for kid’s content.

You will also find straight streams coming from popular mainstream news networks like ABC News, Fox News, NBC News, etc. Aside from genre categorization, we also like how the library organizes itself based on recently added titles, new releases, Leaving Soon, etc.


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YouFlix is arguably one of the best libraries for action films on this list. You’ll find a ton of great action flicks from all around the world here. Aside from that, the platform is home to some exclusive movie, and TV series content as well. We like the platform gives you an option upfront to choose the genres you would like to browse.

The videos work just fine for a free service, although we wish the platform would give you an option to adjust video quality. The videos do come with embedded subtitles, however, so that’s a major plus in our opinion.

Discovery Plus

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Discovery Plus is usually a place movie fans go to when they want to rent movies or TV shows to watch online. However, the platform also harbors an impressive list of movies, which you can watch for free, with the added caveat of advertisements, of course.

The platform is extremely easy to navigate, allowing you to instantly switch between genres, new releases, and exclusive content with just a click. The best part about Discovery Plus, of course, is its rental library, which gives you access to newly released content.


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MEGOGO is a must-have for people who want to experience live broadcast TV on their mobile devices. The platform harbors a colossal gallery of old and new content. It allows users to stream movies from 27 unique movie channels. You also get to enjoy over 1000 on-demand movie titles in a variety of genres.

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