It’s easier and easier to have entertainment from your own home nowadays. Just simply install the apps to your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be ready to watch the free movie of your choice in only a few minutes time. Today we introduce you top 5 watch movie apps for Android.

Top 5 best movie apps for Android to watch movies and TV shows 


Top 5 best watch movie apps for Android at the moment (1)

TeaTV is the newest watch movie app for Android that is coming to the ground. Just like Terrarium TV, it does not own any contents that can be taken as illegal. The app provides a list of reliable links to places where it could be streamed.  TeaTV does not require any registration and absolutely free forever. There are over 50,000 anime shows, movies, and TV shows on TeaTV which has made it a big hit with diehard fans. TeaTV is supporting all platforms available, from Android to Windows, Mac and iOS.


Top 5 best watch movie apps for Android at the moment (2)

Showbox is one of the most favourite apps for movies watching now, not only by its user-friendly interface but by its quick navigation. The app is fully compatible with HD content, and can be easily downloaded to watch offline. This helps a lot when you want to have your home cinema, especially when your internet connection is not there. It’s an awesome watch movie app for android that you have to try.

Megabox HD

Top 5 best watch movie apps for Android at the moment (3)

This app is not old as Showbox but still gain all the movie-lover hearts. It is extremely popular with more than 50,000 users worldwide. You are offered around 60,000 titles, which allow you to watch movies and shows all day and night without getting bored. However, the app itself sometimes disturbs people when ads continuously bumping up and seems like no way to stop them.


Top 5 best watch movie apps for Android at the moment (4)

Kodi is someway different from other watch movie app for Android because it’s owned by a non-profit organization. The app is created by XBMC Foundation and always being changed, tweaked and updated by expert coders from around the world. Since 2003, more than 500 software developers and 200 translators have contributed to the journey. Kodi takes the role of turning any computer, smartphone or tablet into a streaming set top box, so that movies can be played from larger TV screens. The app is not under any of big providers supervision, so it’s not governed by licensing rights. So with the right tools from contributors all over the world, you can watch almost anything!

Terrarium TV

Top 5 best watch movie apps for Android at the moment (5)

This is a third party app for streaming, which means it does not host any content directly. Terrarium TV provides a search function that allows users to pull almost any movie, documentary or TV show to the app. After searching, a list of movies/shows links will show up and all you have to do now is choosing which links with the greatest quality to play. Regretfully, Terrarium TV only supports Android devices now. So if you are an iOS or Windows fan, the app may not be the right one for you.

These are the best watch movie app for Android that you would definitely in love with. They are free, easy-to-use and content-fresh which allow you to update on daily basis and latest films and shows. So just get them in your smartphone and enjoy your life with this much more entertainment!