We’ve listed the top 5 free movie streaming apps for iPad and iPhone in 2022. These best movie applications have been downloaded and used by millions of iOS users.

Instead of watching movies in theaters, today we often watch movies on smartphones and tablets. With a single movie application, we can get the most up-to-date movie resources. For iOS users, among the hundreds of movie apps out there, we sorted out the 5 best names for you. 

5 best free movie apps to watch free streaming movies on iPhone in 2022


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TeaTV is a 100% free streaming service that has websites and applications for a wide range of devices. You can watch many TV shows as well as watch movies online, anime completely free. TeaTV allows you to join its site and app without signing up.

TeaTV is one of the best free movie streaming apps for iPhone that helps you to stream high-quality movies and TV shows in just one click. Install TeaTV now and have the best streaming moment!


If you are looking for an app that offers free streaming for iPhone for free, Crackle is what you need. Besides a regular web browser, Crackle is also a free application that works on iPhones and iPad.

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Crackle offers free TV shows, movies, and video content. Certainly, ads are supported, and programs are occasionally interrupted by ads, but with the amount of content offered, it’s well worth it. It has many exotic features and features that will surely satisfy all your needs and needs.


This is not only a free app but also offers high-quality television and film shows and movies.

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The feature that is loved the most about this app is that it will sync with my TRAKT account, allowing me to keep track of programs that are viewed on a variety of platforms and devices. In addition, the show scheduler feature is also worthwhile. 


Yidi’s free movie application is free on iPhone and iPad and this is a handy application for your movies and TV shows free.

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This application offers you filters with many options, such as launch date, rating and MPAA genre and it will even hide the movie you have watched. Another option is to filter your app’s movies so you can find free movies or movies available in the app you already have on your device.


Watch free streaming movies online on iPhone, iPad that you can play right now without having to sign in to your account with this app. You can also watch dozens of free episodes of some TV shows.

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With Popcornflix, you can browse through movies by genre. When in a category, you can sort the movies by the most viewed or newly added. You can also add movies to the queue to collect them in one place.

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