Top 5 Android Movie Apps in Q1 2022 for the Best Streaming Nights


Watching movies has never been so easy and fulfilling with these Android movie apps. We sum up all the best names for Q1 2022 for you. Read and discover!

Streaming movies is a godsend at the moment; even if you’re self-isolating, you can still lose yourself in a film on your phone. But it raises the question: which are the best Android movie streaming apps around?

Here we’ll run you down 5 of the best for Android devices. So whether you’re a cineaste into an art house, or just looking for the latest blockbuster, this list will have you covered.

List of best Android movie apps in Q1 2022


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TeaTV might be best-known as a provider of live TV channels, but it also offers a sizeable library of on-demand movies. And this includes recent releases from blockbusters in Theater to new TV Series on streaming services. Especially, all contents on the app are free and in FHD quality. There is also no account requirement, all you need to do is open the app, find your favorites and enjoy. 

The service works across all your devices, so you can watch on your Android TV as well.

Download TeaTV now 


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Plex offers a wide range of movies. You don’t need a subscription – just create an account and start watching. The UI is very user-friendly, and you can also stream your own library of films from a home media server, should you have one set up. This lets you stream them to anywhere in the world, as long as you have your phone with you.


top-5-android-movie-apps-in-q1-2022-for-the-best-streaming-nights 3

Shudder is a niche streaming service, designed for fans of horror, suspense and thrillers. It claims to be the home of “the largest and fastest-growing human-curated selection of high-quality, spine-tingling, and provocative films, TV series, and originals”, which certainly ticks a lot of boxes. Shudder has its own original series as well as a roster of exclusive flicks you won’t see anywhere else. 


top-5-android-movie-apps-in-q1-2022-for-the-best-streaming-nights 4

Tubi puts thousands of movies at your fingertips, all without charge. These aren’t straight-to-video efforts, either – they include offerings from big-hitting studios such as Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and more, plus a host of foreign films spanning genres such as anime and Korean drama. They might not all be the most recent movies around, but you can’t argue with free.


top-5-android-movie-apps-in-q1-2022-for-the-best-streaming-nights 5

Another free app with a clean and simple layout, Vudu makes it easy to find the films you want by browsing by genre. It also lets you download movies to your Android device to watch offline – quite a rare feature among free streaming apps.

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