What are the most toxic couples in movies and shows of all time? What new toxic relationships in movies and shows 2021? For these questions answered, we point out top 10 love stories on screen that we think are the most disastrous relationships. 

Jack and Rose from Titanic, Ilsa and Rick of Casablanca, Jack and Ennis in Brokeback Mountain, and a bunch of other iconic movie couples become cult classic romance relationships. These couples with their love story make our flutter and also broke our hearts. We dream of that love story and wish one day we can have one.

Yet some of the most well-known and most beloved movie and shows couples are also examples of toxic behavior in relationships. So, in this topic, we rounded up the outstanding toxic couples in movies and shows through years. The following people on this list will present their toxicity in the most harmful behavior that will help us to avoid while choosing our partner.

List Of Toxic Couples In Movies 

You: Beck and Joe

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 1

Let’s imagine you meet a charming bookstore manager and then he turns out to be a sociopath and a murderer? That’s what things going with Beck, an aspiring writer.  A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager’s obsession. The sociopath even goes so far, as to remove obstacles, including humans, which he thinks might prevent his way of getting close to her.

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This franchise was a symbol of love to a lot of teenagers. A handsome vampire, and a normal girl, what more romantic than that? But when we detect each detail of this movie series, there are a bunch of harmful things within Bella and Edward. Both these two characters have their own problem.

As if a relationship between a 100+-year-old vampire and a 17-year-old high school student wasn’t creepy enough (we’re talking serious age gaps), Edward would sneak into Bella’s room to watch her sleep. Then there’s Bella’s crippling anxiety attacks and attempted suicides when she can’t be with Edward. Ultimately, she gives up everything for him and agrees to become a vampire so they can be together forever. This is the exact opposite of a healthy relationship — even if you’re undead.

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 3

Even A star is born, a high-rated movie with every praise it got, has a place on this list of toxic romance movies. Yes, this movie is so heart-wrenching, the cast is also so talented. But we can’t deny the toxicity in the relationship between Jackson and Alley.

Jackson’s abusive behavior and Ally’s continual forgiveness expose the downfalls in their relationship.

This film puts forth an idealized yet dangerous vision of what relationships look like. It suggests women should stay in relationships even after facing rampant abuse because it’s true love.

It also presents the notion that love has to be high-risk in order to be passionate.

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 4

How can we make a list of toxic relationships in movies without this flick? Like, when it comes to the unhealthy relationships in movies we think of 50 Shades and in reverse.

When people hear “abuse,” they quickly assume that it must be physical. However, 50 Shades was a mix of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Not only does the franchise romanticize manipulation and abuse, but it also gets everything about BDSM wrong. Sex lives may have gotten a bit spicier with a hint of kink inspired by the films and books, but there’s also a real danger in engaging in these acts without fully knowing the rules.

Gone Girl: Amy and Nick

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 5

Ok, what’s more disastrous than the combination of a psychopath woman and a self-centered man?

Amy’s and Nick’s relationship is defined by manipulation, lying and plotting. Gone Girl is another film in which the couple stays together in the end — but this time, to calamitous effect.

List Of Toxic Relationships In TV Shows

Friends: Ross and Rachel

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 6

There are many reasons to reconsider including Rachel Green and Ross Geller among the best toxic relationships in tv shows of all time. Not only are they selfish, jealous, and immature — but they also don’t trust each other. When either one tries to move on with someone else, sabotage mode kicks in.

During the entire “we were on a break” situation, Ross is dismissive of Rachel’s feelings. Plus, when they get married during a drunken night in Vegas, Ross lies to Rachel about having it annulled. This reads less like they’re in love and more like they’re addicted to one another.

Sex and the City: Carrie and Big

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Sex and the City paints Carrie Bradshaw as an independent, sexually liberated woman but when Mr. Big enters the picture, she becomes a cliché. She chases after a man who is devoid of emotion and sees her as disposable.

During the run of the series, he never fully commits to her although she gives him more chances than he deserves. Carrie and Big make each other miserable, and who wants to be in a relationship that’s so devoid of joy?

While fans believe they’re the ultimate pairing, Candace Bushnell — author of the book that the show is based on — hates them together.

Gossip Girl: Chuck and Blair

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 8

If “toxic relationship” had a dictionary entry, Chuck and Blair would be in the picture beside it. Chuck’s physically and emotionally abusive, and how can we dismiss his attempted assault of Blair’s BFF, Serena?

Blair is willing to lie, steal and cheat to get exactly what she wants. He is temperamental, prone to violent outbursts, and treats her like a possession that he can offer up in exchange for something else — like a hotel. In short, Chuck and Blair are not #RelationshipGoals.

Game of Thrones: Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 9

This started as more of a business arrangement than a relationship when Daenerys Targaryen’s older brother Viserys sold her to the Dothraki horselord, Khal Drogo. She didn’t enter the marriage willingly, and Drogo forced himself on her.

Perhaps she really was his moon and stars and helped him reform his brutish ways before his untimely end, but it’s hard to completely dismiss Drogo’s violent history.

How I Met Your Mother: Ted and Robin

top-10-toxic-couples-in-movies-and-shows-as-of-2021 10

Despite its initial premise, How I Met Your Mother isn’t a fairy tale about soul mates finding each other. When Ted Mosby meets Robin Scherbatsky, he pursues her although they really aren’t compatible. He is persistent bordering on stalker-ish.

Although he claims to be madly in love with her, he expects her to make changes for him. As a couple, they don’t bring out anything good in each other, and they don’t share any of the same goals. Settling for someone who is so wrong for you is the opposite of romantic.

That’s all the toxic couples in movies and shows list. Download TeaTV now to watch these movies and shows for free!

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