At the end of the month, we are greeted by many Android apps that appear on CH Play, but this makes it hard for you to keep track of everything. The article below will help you choose the Top 10 newest and most impressive launch in 8/2018.

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Top 10 hot apps for Android 8/2018 | Download APK

1, CamToPlan

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CamToPlan is an application that integrates AR technology to turn phones into virtual metrics that can measure the distance or size of real-life objects through the camera phone. You can measure anything from your phone’s camera like the table, the floor, the size of the furniture, the carpet… Without having to kneel to determine the measurements. Even more so than a ruler or a laser measuring distance. A revolutionary tool that transforms the traditional way of working with architects and designers.

2, Forest: Stay focused

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[Apps for Android] A simple, easy-to-use game that helps you restrict your use of the phone to focus on work. The task in the game is easy, every 30 minutes do not touch the phone, you will plant a tree for the forest. The more planted trees are equivalent to the real life time as much. Every 30 minutes, you just open the phone once to sow the seeds and then if for 30 minutes you do not use any other application, a big tall tree will appear. And you can plant it in the forest. After decorating your own forest, let your friends see how well you can focus on your real life.

3, Google News

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Google News is a Google product that replaces the Google Play Newsstand app for automated news aggregation. Recommended for those who like to read the newspaper, want to constantly update the latest news, event tracking or topics from health, lifestyle with technology, world news or local. 

4, TeaTV

Top 10 hottest Android apps in  8/2018 | Apps for Android (4)

TeaTV is a free stream movies and tv shows application. You can enjoy thousands of movies worldwide with more than 60 subtitle languages. The latest movies are always updated soon on TeaTV with many qualities from HD to 4K. No need to introduce much, this is a free app that you need to have on your Android device.

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5, Horizon

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Horizon Explorer is a new ARCore application. You move the camera to a hill, village… And Horizon Explorer will tell you all the location information you want to target: the name, distance, elevation and map of the landmark will be displayed in the tile. 3D image. Horizon Explorer works all over the world, but works best on top of a hill with an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

6, Material Gallery

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Material Gallery is a new Google tool for developers. This is a collaborative tool for downloading design work, receiving feedback, and tracking design releases – quickly and efficiently. This companion app lets you view, share, and leave feedback on design work right from your phone.

7, Opera Touch

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Opera Touch is a new web browser for Android released by Opera. This browser is optimized for single-handed use and improves content sharing between mobile browsers and desktop. The special feature of Fast Action will always be visible on your browser screen and gives you direct access to instant search. Opera Touch also includes other features such as ad blocking, QR code scanning, bar code and speed dialing features that change the way you browse the web and more.

8, Siempo

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Siempo is a minimalist Android launcher. It helps avoid unnecessary harassment on the phone after a tiring day. The whole is completely customizable. However, it will take a while to set up. In addition, the app will ask for your intent as you type. Then, it lets you flag specific apps you do not want to see. So, if you want to focus on work, you can hide Facebook, YouTube, etc. This is a neat and subtle idea.

9, Steam Link

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Steam Link is a new Steam application that lets you connect your phone to your Steam account and play games. The application works in much the same way as Nvidia’s online game service. Steam Link will enable players to stream their favorite games from the Steam platform from PC to smartphone via 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. The application will also support default resolutions for most games, which are 1080p 60fps and up to a maximum of 4k 60fps providing a perfect gaming experience.

10, VPNhub

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VPNhub is a VPN service that comes from Pornhub with unlimited free bandwidth, does not record any user data and is not geographically limited. With VPNhub, you have “free and unlimited” VPN access with a number of privacy settings including hidden IP and enhanced privacy when using public WiFi.