Truly best Christmas movies of all time will channel the mood of the holiday season. With all the joys, surprises, and warm fuzzies they bring, Now let’s play around with the spirit of Christmas with all joys, surprises, and warm fuzzies these movies bring. 

Are you ready to enter a wonderland of cinematic history, with the Best Christmas Movies of all time? Let’s swipe up to really immerse in the holiday theme.

Everybody’s Fine

To start off this list is a movie about family affection, and this is the love of a father to his children, Everybody’s fine. The story is about Frank, a single father eagerly preparing for Christmas to wait for his children’s homecoming. However, his children were pulled back from work and couldn’t gather on this holiday. With the longing for his children, Frank neglected his health, and then set out to visit them. Thanks to this surprising visit, Frank and his children have the opportunity to get to know each other, as well as have a warmer Christmas season than ever. There isn’t a new plot, but what Everybody’s Fine brings will make us snuggle together and look back at the past year. The movie will make viewers ask themselves whether they have given enough love to their parents, or whether they are too careless. One of the remarkable scene for me is when Frank pulled his suitcase from dock to dock. I think anyone watching this scene will have a deep soul-searching. Viewers, we have to bear in mind even though of our carelessness, our parents still don’t blame us but silently follow and care for us.

Trading Places

For most people, Christmas must be a wonderful time with hearty dishes at the cozy table, near a shimmering Christmas tree, and beautiful gifts, but not for Louis Winthorpe. He lost his job, was abandoned by his wife, lost his house, lost his housekeeper, and exiled to the deepest gutter of society on Christmas. Released in 1983, Trading Places is about two protagonists with two opposite lives, but they are swapped in a very dire situation. The first character, Louis Winthorpe, is a white guy, well educated and working for a large trading company of the Duke brothers, while Billy Ray Valentine is an uneducated black man, selling counterfeit goods and was arrested. Due to a bet of the Duke brothers, the two were suddenly swapped. Louis, a man who always showed off superiority and pride of his life, gradually tasted the bitterness of the working class. In contrast, Billy Ray enjoyed the sake of the elite for the first time. But when the two discovered that they were part of the Duke’s plan, they cooperated to gain control of their life and defeat the Duke brothers.


Christmas is the time for family unions and friends gathering together to give each other meaningful gifts. But, things are different in Krampus. The movie started with an overwhelming scene of the Christmas atmosphere filling in every frame. While the supermarket gate was opened and shoppers crowned, trampled upon the others to own their wanted items, staff was working patiently and children were crying on Santa Claus’s laps. It all took place contrarily on the classic theme of It beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as it would seem to emphasize that the next 90 minutes will be a crazy tornado. Krampus follows in the footsteps of the Engel, a wealthy, successful but dissonant family. Our protagonist has a dazzling faith in Santa Claus and even sends him letters hoping the family to get back together again. But, along with the visiting of aunt Linda and uncle Howard Engel is the appearance of their kids who don’t believe in Santa. From a warm family dine, the meal became a battlefield where every cruel word was thrown. That caused Max’s decision to tear away the letter he intended to send Santa Claus. But Max didn’t know that when he refused to believe in Santa Clause meant he indirectly summoned an ancient monster called Krampus. The monster came and hunted down all family members. Today, among the countless horror movies that overuse cinematic tricks, Krampus like a new wave when all monsters in the movie were costumed in detail. This horror-comedy movie will definitely make you laugh and also make you frightened.

The Christmas Chronicles

The next movie in the list of Christmas films, we have The Christmas Chronicles. Released in 2018 and just had a sequel published this year, Christmas Chronicles is a movie you shouldn’t miss for Christmas. The movie is purely entertainment, suitable for friend gathering night. Christmas Chronicles also includes family elements and life lessons like a lot of other Christmas movies, but for me, these two factors weren’t exploited well. After finishing the movie, all I can remember is the funny scene, not the movie message.  But that was me, maybe you will have other feelings about this movie. Anyway, for entertaining purposes, this is not a bad option. Get on this movie and I swear you can laugh till the tears rolled down your face.

A Christmas Carol (2009 Film)

Talking about the top 10 most popular Christmas movies of all time, we couldn’t miss this animation. The story is about Scrooge, a miserly old businessman who declined to believe in Christmas, to believe in happiness and joy, then finally warmed his heart with the journey to the past, present, and future with three ghosts. Sounds familiar, right? Absolutely, because this story definitely is a part of any childhood, a popular Christmas fairy tale. So, there is no reason why we won’t check out for its animation version. Let’s get on this flick, to know what is love, what is the true meaning of Christmas and why we have to share then to take.

Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

There are a lot of things to talk about in this movie, but perhaps the most stand out things are hope and faith. A real Santa Clause meets a little girl who doesn’t believe in Christmas and then makes her realize the miracle of Christmas. Though 70 years have passed, Miracle On 34th Street is still not out of date, but in contrast when people have less faith in Christmas and Santa Clause, the viability of a sincere, profound movie becoming more intense than ever.

The Holiday

The lighthearted romantic comedy, The Holiday is a fun and entertaining Christmas tale. Two women fed up with their romantic failures meet online and switch houses for two weeks in order to escape their problems for the Christmas season. Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black form a great cast that has good chemistry. This is such a pretty, charming movie to ease any heavy heart out there.

Tokyo Godfather

If you watched Perfect Blue or other Satoshi Kon masterpieces, so this what you looking for your Christmas viewing. The story is not hard to understand or having multi-stage meaning, but it still deserves one of Satoshi’s great works. A film that shows the limitless potential of animation, Tokyo Godfathers is an alternative Christmas classic that’s full of unexpected twists, turns, and miracles. A festive bonanza that will put plenty of smiles on many faces. No spoiling, get on this flick and feeling it in your own way.

Bad Santa

Right in the title, Bad Santa tells us that this is not a regular Christmas movie. Wilie, an alcoholic, costumed himself as Santa Clause in the malls. Wilie is a Bad Santa in every possible sense of word. Wilie is addicted to alcohol and sex and is always gruff with everyone. Another Christmas comes, but this time Wilie has a new partner, a naive, easily bullied little boy named Thurman. The friendship between these two flawed people, strangely, gives us a warm and meaningful message despite the dark, obscene nature of this movie. Bad Santa is a not for every one movie but hits the darkest part of human being, its a fun but also a touching movie.

Home Alone

The list of best Christmas movies of all time couldn’t complete without this flick.  A lot of children grew up with this Christmas franchise. Personally, the first movie released in 1990 is the most remarkable part of this series in my memory. Imagine you abandoned your kid alone on Christmas, there are a pair of burglars who had targeted your house, and your kid rigged the house with booby traps to take on the burglars. This surely will be a great flick to watch with your family.

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