Tips to Download Movies and TV Shows on TeaTV for Offline Streaming

Going somewhere without internet? Here's how to download and watch TV shows, movies offline on TeaTV app. 


TeaTV is no doubt one of the best streaming apps currently with many great functions and limitless movie libraries. But what if you have slow or no access to the internet, will you be able to watch content on TeaTV? The answer is YES. The app allows you to download content straightly to your devices, and the progress to do so is very simple. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to have a bunch of hot movies and shows offline on your device. 

Download movies and shows on TeaTV 

Step 1: Launch the TeaTV app and select the wanted movie/show.

Step 2: That movie/ show and its relevant information will show up on the screen.

Step 3: Click on “watch now” for movie, and choose the episode for TV show, then there will be a list of fetched links appear. 

(For TV shows, you will have to download each episode) 

Step 4: Choose links ended with Vidoza, A4u, Videobin, Afdah. Check by clicking on the link to see if there is download option. 

tips-to-download-movies-and-tv-shows-on-teatv-for-offline-streaming 1
Step 4

Step 5: Select download. There are 2 ways to download: directly from TeaTV or faster with ADM.

tips-to-download-movies-and-tv-shows-on-teatv-for-offline-streaming 2
Step 5

Step 6: Allow permission to continue downloading. 

tips-to-download-movies-and-tv-shows-on-teatv-for-offline-streaming 3
Step 6

Step 7: Wait till the downloading finish. 

tips-to-download-movies-and-tv-shows-on-teatv-for-offline-streaming 4
Step 7

Step 8: Once done, open Download Manager, click on the downloaded movie/show to watch offline.

tips-to-download-movies-and-tv-shows-on-teatv-for-offline-streaming 5
Step 8

That’s all!

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Death Clausen

How can I watch adult mature movies on TeaTV? When I click on the movie, I don’t have any links show up at all.

Brian Clausen

Can anyone help with this? I have safe mode disabled as well.