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If the movies on iTunes or Netflix are too expensive for you to enjoy your favorite movies. Do not worry, today I will bring you a application that allow you to watch free movies and TV shows on your Mac OS device. Get the popcorn and internet ready to download the app below: TeaTV – The best movies and tv shows app for Mac.

Download free movies and tv shows for Mac

TeaTV is one of the few applications on the Mac that lets you watch movies and shows for free. It contains many outstanding features that help it beat all other online movie watching applications. The application provides you an abundance of video content from all across the globe in the form of movies and the broadcasted TV shows in different parts of the world. TeaTV further comprises an offline feature as well. With this free movie download app for Mac, you can download the desired TV shows and movies so that you may watch them later even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

The best free movies and tv shows app for Mac

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In TeaTV for Mac, the developer has added many features to help you not miss any of your favorite TV shows. The “Schedule” feature helps you keep track of your scheduled broadcasts in real time or you can watch them whenever you want. You can bookmark the show, download it or even share it with your friends.

Tea TV for Mac is the most favorite application in the market. The app is easy to use, with simple and elegant interface. You can search your favorite shows and movies from top right of the app. Even when you cannot clearly remember the shows/movies, the suggestion system immediately works to give you the most suitable choices. You only have to click onto the shows/ movies you love, choose one link between our 100+ links and enjoy the shows/movies.

A highlight that helps TeaTV defeat all its opponents is that you will never encounter server errors, bye bye bye “server busy”. It’s powered by TeaTV’s streams from thousands of sources around the world, and it comes with over 60 subtitle languages that allow you to watch movies from any country you like.

Talk about Tea TV, there is one thing we cannot ignore, that is the user interface is extremely friendly. It’s improved every week, thanks to a team of developers who always know how to listen. User comments are always recorded and updated with the latest updates. Therefore, sometimes you may find that this is the application you made

Now you don’t need to worry when you miss an episode of your favorite TV show. Just simply turn on TeaTV – Free movies and tv shows app for Mac, and you will catch up with the show later since the content is always up to date.

Note: Please turn off GateKeeper when you see this message: “Open an app from an unidentified developer” by:
Copy this into Terminal: sudo spctl –master-disable
Then Enter, that’s should work.
To make sure you turn off the GateKeeper, please open System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, click on General:

To enable MacKeeper use this code in Terminal: sudo spctl –master-enable

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