We are living in the time of the most blockbuster movies released this year. From superhero movies such as Avenger: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, to the movies for kids: Incredible 2, they are all films you can not miss. But, for many reasons, we can not go to the cinema to enjoy those movies. That’s when we look at the watch free movie apps for Android to be able to watch movies anytime, anywhere, meet the entertainment needs of the busiest people.

However, choosing a good watch free movie apps for Android is not easy. They must meet the criteria: great movies and TV shows, stable operation, friendly interface, multi-language support.

And the movie app that I think is the best movie APK 2018 is called TeaTV.

TeaTV: The best free movie APK for Android 2018

TeaTV easily meets the first criteria, it is an application stream movies and TV shows from many sources in the world. So, TeaTV owns a huge movie repository that few applications match. Also, as a stream movies and TV shows application, it also supports multiple languages with over 60 subtitle languages.

A little secret that I want to tell you, Tea TV always has the Cam version of the blockbuster movie as they are released. This is for those who cannot wait to enjoy the Full HD version. This is the best movie APK 2018.

The application is stable. This is for sure, TeaTV does not store movies on its server so you will never encounter server errors. TeaTV supports devices running Android 4.4 and above and there are always updates to fix problems users encounter. TeaTV is an application that always listens to the user. Programmers receive user feedback to help make the application better after each update. You can say “I contributed a small portion to make TeaTV” to anyone.

At this point, I think you should try out TeaTV — The best movie app on Android. Do not miss any movie you like.

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