TeaTV Not Working On iOS? Reasons and Solutions


This post will sum up all reasons why TeaTV not working on iOS and also give the best solutions to stream movies on TeaTV. 

TeaTV with all of its great features has become a favorite for all movie freaks, especially iOS user ones. However, currently, there are some issues involved that iPhone and iPad users can’t access TeaTV. Let’s find out the issues, reasons, and solutions. 

What is TeaTV? And Why TeaTV is the best streaming app for iOS? 

TeaTV is a free streaming app that offers a professional-looking interface, navigational fluidity, and incredible ease of use. The app always had a solid media library from a wide range of genres. You can find any movie, show, series on this app, even old ones or the ones that barely come out. 

TeaTV offers a much bigger same portfolio of content than many other free apps do. Much to our delight, there were loads of FHD links for films that have been out a few days or even just a few hours. 

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TeaTV – The Best Streaming App for iOS

Some highlight features of TeaTV:

  • TeaTV is 100% free. You can download and install it without any doubt about the added cost. TeaTV for iOS is supporting all iOS devices
  • Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Watch FHD Movies, Online TV Shows, Others online videos
  • Excellent bufferless service in watching time.
  • You can add an option of using subtitles or dubbed multi-language while watching
  • Contents on TeaTV are updated regularly, you can find any hottest, latest movies and series which barely hit the theater or other streaming services
  • All movies and shows are included with users’ rate and short review, so you will have an overlook of that movies/shows before streaming. 

What is the current issue of TeaTV on iOS and solution? 

TeaTV used to be one of the most popular streaming apps for iPhone and iPad with million users worldwide. Its name had never been out of the top 5 best free movie apps for iOS. Sadly, due to the DMCA removals, and many restrictions, TeaTV is no longer available on Appstore and any iOS devices. That is when people come to find a replacement for TeaTV. 

However, as the TeaTV team is working on a new version of their app for iOS, users won’t have to wait long till the new TeaTV release. This version will have great features of the original app and even added some new elements that promise to enhance users’ experience. 

  • To get up to speed, please access: 

Download Teatv for iOS

  • For TeaTV download and streaming on Android, click on: 


  • For TeaTV download and streaming on Smart TV, click on: 

Download Teatv for Smart TV

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