The biggest downside of popular websites is their costly fee. With that in mind, TeaTV was created to give you amazing content for free. Download and install TeaTV APK for Android and PC now to have the best streaming experience. 

TeaTV is an awesome piece of software that lets users stream or download high-quality movies and TV series for free. TeaTV App is a great way in which you can explore the latest and hottest shows/series/movies with just a few simple touches.

TeaTV – Download and Watch the latest TV Series and Movies for Free

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  • Last Updated: 18th March 2022
  • Name: TeaTV
  • Type: APK
  • Version: 10.3.8
  • Size: 21.1MB
  • Supported Devices: Android, PC, Firestick, Android TV

Download the latest version of TeaTV

TeaTV Features

Huge Library Include Wide Range of Genres

Tea TV application hosts many movies and TV Series, TV Shows from different parts of the world and from all genres, so if you are searching for a classic movie title that is not found on any other app then there are chances that you would find it on TeaTV.

Offer Full HD Quality

All contents on the application are of high resolution. You can stream it on a larger screen without affecting the quality of the video.

Personalized List

You can add contents to a favorite list on TeaTV so that you can access them whenever you want.

Seamless UI

The seamless interface of TeaTV makes it easier for users to search their favorite titles.

Download TeaTV APK For Android, iOS, Window, Firestick

If you want to enjoy high-quality movies and television shows then you need to download TeaTV APK. Since the app is not available on the Google Play Store, therefore, you need to download it from TeaTV official website

Download TeaTV for Android: LINK

Download TeaTV for iOS: LINK

Download TeaTV for Window: LINK

Download TeaTV for FireStick and Smart TV: LINK


Is TeaTV illegal?

TeaTV actually doesn’t host any of the shows or movies on its own site. It takes the users to repositories someplace else in cyberspace where the actual content is stored. However, the contents on TeaTV are still legal. 

How do I download TeaTV?

Follow the links we shared above to download TeaTV for your devices!

Is TeaTV available to download in 2022?

Yes, indeed it is. 

How do I update TeaTV on Android?

As the TeaTV app is not available on the Google Playstore, updating it the normal is not possible. So, in case you are looking to update the TeaTV app on your android device, all you need to do is download the latest version of apk from its official website or from the app..

Does TeaTV include viruses?

No, there isn’t any virus with the app, so you can download TeaTV and any content on it without worrying about harmful things for your devices. If you have any doubt, you can scan this app with an Antivirus app before installing it on your device. 

What app can replace TeaTV?

Some of the best alternatives are Cinema HD apk, Typhoon TV, Nova TV apk, Titanium TV, Morphix TV apk, and many more.

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