TeaTV for Windows is software that provides access to more than a thousand free movies to be streamed. If you are using Windows 7+ and want to find an app for high quality shows and movies streaming, this is just for you. TeaTV is now so far the best free movie download app for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Visa …

App name TeaTV
Version  1.5.0
Operating System Windows
File type EXE
Requirements Windows 7+
Author TeaTV
Feature Stream HD movies and TV shows
Last Update 15-Mar-2018

TeaTV: Best free movies and tv shows app for Windows

TeaTV for Windows brings together all of the movies into a catalog classified by genre (action, comedy, thriller, etc) and also includes a search engine so you can look for particular films. The built-in player with Tea TV for Windows is very basic and only lets you manage the playback, full screen display, and the volume.  Just click “Watch Now” and a video will “buffer” before the download starts and the video starts playing. If you want to watch the videos later, you can download the movie to your devices and enjoy them even when you’re not on the internet.

Tea TV for Windows supports so many genres including everything from animation, sci-fi, and fantasy to family, sport, and western. In this special edition, we decided to add a separated section for animes. Now you can enjoy your favourite animes in just one simple click, bookmark them to watch later or download them to watch offline. If you are busy in the middle of the show, don’t worry because you will be redirected right to where you’ve just left. Download Tea TV app for Windows and you now have 100k+ animes available, in your hand.

TeaTV for Windows is absolutely the most user-friendly application in the market. The app has simple and elegant interface, with every main functions on the left sidebar and the movies/shows on the right. You can search for your favourite shows and movies or sort them out at the top of the app. The movie/show then shows up with every detail including some basic information, storyline and cast. And right when you click onto the show, thousands of fullHD is showing up. Now you just have to choose which links to play for best quality.

Features of Tea TV for Windows

– Watch and Download Unlimited TV Shows and Movies directly on your PC and it is completely free.


– Watch your favourite animes with English subtitles in a separated section

– Watch HD trailers before jumping into the shows/movies

– Capture and download videos from trusted sources

– Search feature with suggestions is present for finding your favorite shows and movies.

– Search with Sort By, Genre and Year.

– Download Movies or TV Shows in High Definition available in 720p, 480p, 360p, and so.

– Based on your Interest you can ‘Add to Favorites.’

– No Hidden Charges. No Subscription Fees.

– Enjoy your downloaded videos in the My Downloads Folder.

Only the best quality videos are available for Tea Tv download for Windows 10,8,7, …. Do you know? Downloading TeaTV for Windows has never been so easy like this. Now Let’s get this awesome free movie app for windows computer here at TeaTV!