TeaTV – Common Problems Or Issues And Solulations


    TeaTV is a free Android app that has become popular all over the world for streaming TV shows and movies. However, the application is not perfect and still often encountered some errors. Today we are going to talk about TeaTV common problems or issues and solulations.

    1. TeaTV app not installed

    TeaTV is an application allow you to watch movies and tv shows online. TeaTV is legal because it does not host any movie/tv shows. This application works best on Android device, include Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Samsung phones & tablet, Huawei, LG, Sony, etc. If you encounter problems like TeaTV APK not working Android, TeaTV not working on firestick,… Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

    TeaTV - Common Problems Or Issues And Solulations (1)

    • Check that your device is compatible with the application: Android 4.4+, Windows 7 and above. With SmartTV, app only supports devices using Android Operating System. (Device using WEB OS or TIZEN OS can not install it.)
    • Make sure that the version you are using is the latest version and is downloaded from  TeaTV’s official website: https://teatv.net/download-2/
    • Try to restart system and clear caches, re-open or re-install this app.
    • If this problem is still going on, please contact our support team via Twitter or Facebook Group for assistance.

    2. Unable to install update on Firestick/FireTV

    TeaTV sometimes crashes when updating new versions. However, you can completely fix this problem by yourself. Please download the application again via this link: https://teatv.net/download3/. Besides, this link also gives you the updated Firelinked & FireDL code for the latest version. Please enter this code to download.

    3. No links on TeaTV

    Some people often encounter problems TeaTV no player link available Android, no player link available at this time TeaTV.

    First, please exit app and re-open then try to get link again. Another effective way many people also use is try to restart system and clear caches. If still no link available, you should use VPN app to change your IP.

    P/s: Some movies are too old and it’s difficult to update the link, hope you understand this

    4. Can’t download movies on TeaTV

    TeaTV - Common Problems Or Issues And Solulations (2)

    If you are failed to download with Download Manager on TeaTV, we’re highly recommend using Advanced Download Manager instead for the best performance. All you need to do is download ADM on Google Play and when you chose a link in teatv, just select option “Download with ADM”.

    5. Can not cast on TV?

    If other devices (e.g. phones, tablets) can’t cast successfully, then it’s likely an issue with your router or network. Try rebooting your Wi-Fi router by unplugging and plugging the power source. Make sure that your Chromecast device and other devices are connected to the same network.

    P/s: Sometime the link not allow to cast.

    Currently there are many mod versions on the internet. However, we only support the official version downloaded from Teatv.net website.

    6. Losing watchlist after updating

    To avoid this situation, please tick Backup option in the settings. After the update, press the restore button to synchronize the data. Additionally, you can also use Trakt account to save your watchlist.

    7. Issues related to subtitles

    • Subtitle is too small : You can change subtitle size in the setting of TeaTV.
    • Subtitle time is not correct with movie: You can use subtitle adjust timer on the play screen or find another subtitle
    • Download subtitle fail: Pls try another subtitle.

    8. TeaTV Keeps Buffering

    Buffering is a common issue that affects all streaming. Buffering is caused by the network between your device and the streaming server. For this problem, please re-open this app or use VPN to change your IP and get faster speed.

    The above are some common problems or issues of TeaTv and solulations. Hope it will be helpful for you !

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