As the title suggests, this article is for those who are looking for a movie app for Android like Showbox. Perhaps you are wondering: Why have to find another application while using Showbox and Watch free movie apps for Android like Showbox?

OK, although the Showbox is a wonderful app, my smartphone is using only 16GB of memory and it was produced many years ago. Showbox is constantly updated, not good with my outdated smartphone. It is getting slower and slower. The size of the application also increased. That’s why I left the Showbox and went to another app called TeaTV. Here are the reasons why I choose it.

TeaTVFree movie app for Android like Showbox

Teatv: Best movie app for Android like Showbox 2018If Showbox has a huge list of Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, etc., TeaTV also has the same quality and quantity. TeaTV streams movies from many sources around the world, accompanied by over 60 different languages subtitles. Moreover, the synchronization of watched list and favorites on TraKT account is a great thing for a movie-lover like me. You also do not need to worry about the movie stream linking on TeaTV that will harm your smartphone. Links are taken from legitimate sources (Authentic Link) with high levels of security.

As a Showbox user for a long time, have I had trouble getting familiar with TeaTV’s new-look? Of course there is, but also not. TeaTV’s intelligent and user-friendly interface only took me a while to get used to, the tutorial feature for new users also helps me a lot. Another reason (cần lắm 1 từ thay thế) that helps TeaTV is the similar apps like Showbox for Android, there are no unwanted charges or purchases anywhere in the app.

So, If TeaTV is a movie app for Android like Showbox, why do I choose it without selecting Showbox? My answer is prompted when starting the post. TeaTV is a very “light” application, it does not generate any extra space while using it. The updates make it more stable on my device, not “cramming” more features such as ShowBox. TeaTV’s customer care team and developers are always on hand whenever you need them. Almost every problem will be dealt with immediately.

Being a person who has used a lot of video applications, including the Showbox, I’m sure 90% of users are extremely annoyed with the problem of server bugs arising many times. Servers are busy or overloaded all the time so that we can not watch our favorite movies and TV shows, especially in the “golden frame” of the day. TeaTV has solved this problem very well, the movies are streamed from different sources rather than hosted. It’s fantastic, I can pick another source right away without having to wait for a server error recovery time.

After a period of experience, I found that TeaTV is the best movie apps for Android like Showbox 2018. Despite some shortcomings, this is a worthwhile application. Hopefully, this will be a complete replacement for Showbox or Terrarium in the near future.