‘Saturday Night Live’ Depicts ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Spinoff (Watch)


The May 12 Amy Schumer-hosted episode of “Saturday Night Live” wasn’t the first time the NBC sketch comedy show parodied “The Handmaid’s Tale,” but after the buzz of the first time around — and the success of the Hulu dystopian drama — it came time to pose the question of a spinoff.

After saying the show is basically the modern woman’s “Sex and the City,” “SNL” offered a look at a promo for “Handmaids in the City” with Schumer taking on the role of the handmaid whose journey the audience was following.

“As I waited for the girls in downtown Gilead, I was feeling like an uptown gal-ead, and I couldn’t help but wonder, are women allowed to do anything anymore?” her voiceover posited.

The sketch featured commentary on the brutal world depicted in “The Handmaid’s Tale” punctuated with character laughter after delivering lines in the more comedic fashion of “Sex and the City.”

Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant joined her at a brunch table with a hearty, traditional “Under his eye” greeting, to which Schumer responded, “What about under my eye? Look at these bags!”

The trio had a strong laugh over the fact that it didn’t matter what their faces looked like “as long as we’re fertile.”

When Ofjohn (Bryant) was asked how her new place was, she said it was rent-controlled because “John controls me and I don’t pay rent.”

“You’re bad,” Strong responded.

But Schumer pointed out that she couldn’t be too bad or she’d be hanged.

Soon the foursome was complete. Ofwarren (Kate McKinnon) joined them, with one of her eyes sewn shut. “This is what I get for reading a newspaper,” she said.

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say, ‘Oh this so could be me and my friends — you know, with the way things are going,” the voiceover promo said.

Watch “SNL’s” May 12 “Handmaid’s Tale” sketch below:

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