Netflix has reaffirmed its potential in filmmaking with The Sandman after launching a series of poorly made works. 


Inspired by the same name comic with plot from Neil Gaiman, The Sandman follows the story of Morpheus, the king of dreams and one of the seven Endless, captured in an occult ritual in 1916. Morpheus escapes after 106 years of imprisonment and sets out to restore order to his realm, The Dreaming.

It’s been more than 3 decades since the first volume of The Sandman was published. With an abstract concept, as well as coming from the imaginative mind of Neil Gaiman, it’s not easy to adapt this comic. Before this, there are many attempts to materialize The Sandman, but all failed. The latest adaptation from Netflix seems to be the first success to bring Endless – beings stronger than gods – to the small screen. 

Netflix’s The Sandman brings the most comprehensive look at the world in the comic. The clever storytelling that is both separate and connected surely brings enjoyment to both fans and non-fans of the original.

Adaptation is synonymous with change, and change is what has “killed” many similar series. It can be a bluff change or a movement plot, a reversal of favorite characters. Netflix’s The Sandman does not follow the same route but is more moderate. The series is surprisingly faithful to the comic. Of course, there are still some changes, but overall, everything is very reasonable. Most importantly, the message in the original series remains unchanged.

One of the most important factors that make Netflix’s The Sandman outstanding is its quality cast. Among them, Tom Sturridge with the main role of Dream brings the most impressive performance, as though he was born to play this character. Even a small act of Tom shows the silhouette of Dream in it. The rest of the cast has also done excellent work when accurately portraying the characters in the comic.

However, The Sandman is still not a perfect work. Perhaps because of the limitation of the length, the film cut out some important details in the original, reducing the development of characters, such as how Dream rebuilt his world and how Dream faced a world without his guidance for 100 years.

Final thoughts

Netflix’s The Sandman may still have some flaws, but for all it delivers, it’s still one of the most worth-watching movies in the second half of this year. It has been a long time since we have really enjoyed a good work because of its plot, instead of a bunch of half-hearted messages.

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