“Minions: The Rise of Gru” review

Not letting fans wait long, the “yellow vortex” has officially landed on big screen with “Minions: The Rise of Gru”. Following the unexpected success series about lovely Minions, Illumination has released a sequel that tells the life story of Gru and his meeting with the Minions army. 

“Minions: The Rise of Gru” trailer

The film is set in the 1970s when Gru is just an 11-year-old boy living with his mother in the suburbs. From a young age, Gru already had a dream of becoming a super villain and joined Vicious 6. On the journey to fulfill that passion, he accidentally encounters the “bananas army” Minions and they become effective teammates for him. Gru applies and is invited to interview at Vicious 6’s special base. However, members of the team mock and despise Gru for being just a child. Unable to stand being ridiculed, Gru proves his talent by stealing the gem representing the organization’s 12 zodiac animals. Immediately, he is pursued by Vicious 6 members, close to danger. Since then, 4 minions Kevin, Stuart, Bob and new friend Otto have set out to rescue their mini Boss.

review-minions-the-rise-of-gru 1
Gru’s being hunted journey has officially begun

Still maintaining the unique traits of Minions series, this comeback really satisfies audiences with the outstanding cuteness, extremely humorous personality of the bright yellow army. Just that much is enough to attract all kine of audiences to theater. The expressions, actions, and psychology of Minions are so innocent, honest, do not estimate the loss or care about difficulties. They study hard, play hard with the urge to rescue their Boss. The carefree and slyness they bring is truly comforting to both adults and children. 

Since then, it has created a lot of laughter with the unique handling that only Minions can think of. All the nature laws suddenly become meaningless when we watch the movie because what Minions do always becomes humorously convincingly.

review-minions-the-rise-of-gru 2
Let’s guess what crazy thing Kevin, Stuart, and Bob are about to do?

The film is divided into 3 main lines including Gru and the villains; trio Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and finally the new character Otto. This implementation is considered smart because it gives audiences a broader look at the story and helps to gradually streamline the later details. This is also a good way to reduce boredom during viewing time when not only focusing on one journey from start to finish; and is also an opportunity for characters to have more acting land, and more depth in character development. 

Another plus point is the realistic sound and intense graphics. Sound effects are perfectly integrated into the film. The graphics and shooting angle of “Minions: The Rise of Gru” are also outstanding through smooth and eye-catching scenes and action. Minions’ appearance is both cute and mischievous. Especially, the film brings back a lot of nostalgia vibe of the 70s through the illustrious songs remixed in the Minions style or even poster of the hit movie Jaws is also interestingly represented in the film.

review-minions-the-rise-of-gru 3
One of interesting cameos in the film

Has many impressive points but overall, “Minions: The Rise of Gru” is still quite monotonous in terms of the script and lacks the climax elements. Although the film has the basics like developments, knots, and problem-solving, it has not created any breakthrough apart from making audiences laugh. Besides, even though the title is “Rise of Gru”, Gru’s characteristics are built quite faintly. However, this is a movie about Minions, so it is understandable to focus more on developing “yellow army” personalities.

review-minions-the-rise-of-gru 4
Minions rise with Kung-fu martial arts

To sum up, the film will definitely be a favorite choice not only for children but also for adults because it has brought great entertainment moments with the unrivaled cuteness of the Minions army.

Our score: 4/5

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