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Toy Story is the first and most famous animated franchise of Pixar. This series has brought fame as well as shaped the distinctive style of the giant filmmaker. Throughout four films spanning from 1995 to 2019, Toy Story has become a part of the childhood of many generations around the world and earned more than $2.5 billion for Pixar. So it’s not surprising that Disney has continued to release spin-offs based on the popular series. As the name suggests, in this movie we will follow Buzz Lightyear on a journey across galaxies.

Instead of continuing the stories of Andy’s toys, the screenwriters took character Buzz Lightyear out of the old frame to tell audience the journey of the space police Buzz before his inspired toy was produced. Pixar has always known how to turn the ordinary into greatness through top-notch animation, blending with a simple yet philosophical plot to suit every audience.

There is nothing more difficult than overcoming your own personal desires, daring to let go of your selfishness for the sake of others, accepting the past to improve yourself better every day. All messages are conveyed by the filmmakers gently and witty through Lightyear. This is both a strength and a limitation of the script. Because trying to share too many messages with limited time forced to speed up the movie and simplify the details. In addition, the old motif is also a major drawback of the film, making it easy to guess the story’s development, reducing the viewing enjoyment. 

But again and again, under the hand of Pixar, Lightyear is a truly eye-catching experience. Filmmakers were very meticulous in making every scene. In particular, the character Buzz has significantly improved in appearance when compared to the Toy Story 4 movie. Battle scenes are also overwhelmingly realistic, making us feel like we are really in a fight with the characters.

Although the story is irrelevant to Toy Story, the tagline “To infinity and beyond” and the soundtrack of Toy Story franchise has created many nostalgic emotions. This is a great reciprocal element for every part in the film.

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