Love, Death And Robots Vol. 3 brings viewers a memorable and fascinating cinematic experience that is not less than any blockbuster.

*Spoiler Alert: This article contains some of the in-film details. 

On June 20, Love, Death And Robots 3 was officially released, once again stirring up the movie community. In the first two seasons, the Netflix hit made a big splash with a host of short animated series on science fiction, horror, and fantasy themes with an engaging plot and eye-catching graphics.

One of the important elements that have made Love, Death And Robots successful is its anthology style with each episode standing as a separate story. Directed by Tim Miller – the man behind Deadpool and  David Fincher, and many other thrilling blockbusters like Fight Club and Gone Girl, Love, Death And Robots 3 with only 9 episodes is considered to be the most outstanding season. 

netizens-falling-in-love-with-love-death-and-robots-vol-3-is-this-the-best-season 1

In the first episode, Three Robots: Exit Strategies, the series brings back 3 characters from 1st season. They continue to look at the post-apocalypse Earth and the way humans trying to survive at the end of their civilization. Moving to 2nd episode, Bad Traveling, we are immersed in the mysterious journey of a ship invaded by an alien crustacean.

netizens-falling-in-love-with-love-death-and-robots-vol-3-is-this-the-best-season 2
Three Robots: Exit Strategies
netizens-falling-in-love-with-love-death-and-robots-vol-3-is-this-the-best-season 3
Bad Traveling

The highest-rated episode is probably episode 3, The Very Pulse Of The Machine. The story follows an expedition to explore the surface of the moon. An astronaut has to carry his comrade’s body to a safer place and use a mind-altering drug to deal with his physical pain. With a beautiful and emotional atmosphere, The Very Pulse Of The Machine is a really impressive experience. 

netizens-falling-in-love-with-love-death-and-robots-vol-3-is-this-the-best-season 4
The Very Pulse Of The Machine

Closing the vol.3 is Jibaro, an innovative and turnover creation from Alberto Mielgo, who used to win Oscar for the animated genre. The episode is about delusion and greed, a family topic. However, under Alberto’s talent, Jibaro is presented in a primitive and moving way. This is also the only episode without any dialogue. 

netizens-falling-in-love-with-love-death-and-robots-vol-3-is-this-the-best-season 5

Sum up

The series has been highly received on Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% freshness rating. Many viewers have left positive comments. The series continues to demonstrate Netflix’s bold and creative move in exploiting sensitive and painful topics of society from a violent and naked perspective.

netizens-falling-in-love-with-love-death-and-robots-vol-3-is-this-the-best-season 6

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