For those who are looking for a free movies and TV shows app for iPhone, iPad.

Movies Diary: Best Free Movies And TV Shows App for iPhone, iPad 2018 (1)When choosing a free movies app on iPhone, iPad, I always rely on  those following criteria: friendly interface, rich content, fast speed and high-quality movie. Ultimately, the publisher of the app is always listening and supporting the user. That’s why I choose Movies Diary, the best free movies and tv shows app on my iPad.

Now let’s walk around the app and visit some of the great features of the Movie Diary.

Movie Diary: Free movies and tv shows online app

As I said above, the criteria for me to choose the video player is that it has to have a user-friendly interface, and the Movies Diary has done a great job of it. The Movies Diary’s look is well-organized in the following order: Hot Movies, Hot TV Shows, Top Rated Movie Collections, and Last week’s hot list of movies. Yes, as a movie lover, I can easily watch the new movie trends and hot movies around the world at the Discovery of Movie Diary.

Movies Diary: Best Free Movies And TV Shows App for iPhone, iPad 2018 (2)The next one i want to talk about is the feature I think most valuable in the Movies Diary application. It is the ability to synchronize data with my TraKT account (For those who don’t know, TraKT is a popular movie site that automatically track what you’re watching). My entire watchlist, watched movies are synchronized with the application. This feature helps me keep track all the movies I’m watching.

Also, if you are a fan of TV shows like me, then Movies Diary will be a great free tv show app for you. The Calendar allows you to watch TV shows that are currently being followed by many people. The appearance of this Calendar item is similar to the Calendar interface on your iOS device, which is completely user-friendly.

Next, we have to mention thousands of movies available on the TeaTV app, which are streamed from various sources. This is so helpful cause when one source is die, you will immediately have another ones ready to use. The system helps me not depend too much on a single source. Great!

If you are just like me, we want an app that can “listen” and respond to all our need. Movies Diary has done a very good job of this, the application release team is always responsive to the needs of users in new updates. I don’t have any problems contacting them. This is the best app for free movies and tv shows.

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading my share of this great free movies and tv shows app. Have fun with your family and friends!

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