Following the article on applications like Showbox on Android, I will introduce you an app like Showbox for iPhone. More precisely, it is a movies app like the Showbox for iOS because it works well on both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Get yourself an App Store account and a stable connection, as you will probably want to download the app soon after this article.

The application I’m talking about is called Movies Diary. Although it is a newly developed application, it is an application that has many valuable features and is known as “Similar apps like Showbox for iPhone”. Why is it called by that name? Let’s find out!

Movies Diary – Movie app like Showbox for iOS (Best Similar App)

Movies Diary: Best free movie app for iPhone like Showbox in 2018 (1)

For content, both applications are movies streaming applications from many sources around the world. Therefore, we do not need to compare the quantity and quality of movies in these two applications. The thing that I like about streaming movies is that their servers rarely run into problems. When I can’t play a movie link, I just select another link of similar quality. Very simple!

However, we are talking about movies apps like Showbox for iPhone. And the main part I want to introduce to you in this application is the user interface. Movies Diary: Best free movie app for iPhone like Showbox 2018 has a great user interface, all HOT movies and TV shows are available right in front of my eyes when I just access the app. Movies Diary is simple and user-friendly. I’m not bothered too much by ads and can easily track the movie without “straying” in thousands of banner ads like other apps.

Movies Diary: Best free movie app for iPhone like Showbox in 2018 (2)

I am a big fan of iOS, and I am also a big fan of TV Shows, and Movie Diary didn’t disappoint me when I am choosing it, the entire schedule of the popular TV shows and their details were fully displayed in Calendar Cate. Not only that, Movies Diary will also send me notifications every time my favorite tv shows release new episodes. The function makes it even better than a film apps like Showbox for iPhone.

Movies Diary: Best free movie app for iPhone like Showbox in 2018 (3)

One more thing, put Showbox aside for a while, let’s look at the points that Movies Diary has done better than Showbox. Are you a movie lover? Do you have a TraKT account? Yes, I’m talking about TraKT, a movie site with millions of users all over the world. And the great thing about Movies Diary is that it syncs all the information on the TraKT account with the application information. All the movies I watched and my favorite shows are uploaded to the Movies Diary quickly and accurately.

Showbox no longer works on iOS is a pity for us. But with Movies Diary, finding the free movie app for iPhone like Showbox was a lot easier. Let’s download and enjoy the great app.

Download Movies Diary here