Morbius Review: Is It Worth Viewing? 


One of the biggest movies of 2022, Mobius, has recently been released. However, contrary to all earlier expectations, the movie has gained a lot of mixed reviews. So, is it good or not? Let’s dive into Morbius with us to make the conclusion. 

What is Morbius about? 

Tyrese Gibson portrays a detective with a technologically upgraded arm, and our protagonist comes face to face with Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) from Spider-Man: Homecoming. All of this intriguing action was set to the tune of Beethoven’s “Für Elise,” which heightened the excitement of fans.

Unfortunately, in the two years it took to get this film released, Morbius has broken so many of its initial promises that the final product is unrecognizable, with anything close to a creative vision replaced by studio interference that is designed to ready you for superior future films.

Let’s walk through the biggest review-aggregation website like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes to see how critics are reacting to this blockbuster. 

Critics review

1. Morbius reviews Rotten Tomatoes

– Score: 

morbius-review-is-it-worth-viewing 1

– Top critics: Fresh (32) | Rotten (167)

Rottens are making up the majority: 

“Like most April Fools’ Day jokes, Morbius is not actually funny. It’s not bad in the ha ha you have to see this it’s so ridiculous kind of way. It just feels underbaked and lame — and, sadly, not weird enough to be any kind of fun.” – Esther Zuckerman

“[An] incoherent, vampire-themed Marvel offcut.” – Wendy Ide

“Despite only being a little over 90 minutes long, Morbius is a chore to sit through. It lacks imagination, zest, and a thrill of discovery.” – James Berardinelli

“Morbius’s greater fault is that it cleaves away the vampire mythology without replacing that mythology with anything fun, new, or particularly interesting.” – Alex Abad-Santos

This is one of the rarely positive reviews in a bunch of negative ones:

“Morbius has no reason to exist as an actual movie, but maybe that’s why it worked for me.” – Bilge Ebiri

2. Morbius reviews IMDb

– Score: 

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– Top reviews: 

On IMDb, Morbius has also received many contrary reviews: 

* 6/10

Simple start…


“Morbius” is an Action-Adventure movie in which we watch Dr. Michael Morbius, a biochemist trying to find the cure behind an extremely rare blood disease. He infects himself and he is completely changed by it.

I have to admit that I do not understand the reason behind the low rating of this movie. I am not saying that it’s a masterpiece and it does not have any flaws but it does not also worth that low rating. I can understand that it’s small duration didn’t help the main character to evolve and I believe that there was not enough time for the end of it. The interpretations of both Jared Leto who played as Dr. Michael Morbius and Matt Smith who played as Milo were good and their combination worked very well. To sum up, I have to say that “Morbius” is a nice, entertaining action movie and I recommend you to watch it because I am sure you will enjoy it and I advise you to lower your standards before watching it otherwise you will be disappointed.”

* 6/10

Overdone CGI and editing aside- I enjoyed this one


“Entertaining and very atmospheric, Morbius manages to serve up yet another helping of campy superhero indulgence despite many little flaws. I’ll start off with the problems I had with this film- that mainly being its blatant editing and CGI. I know many people say this about a lot of superhero films, but coming from a horror lovers perspective- as well as fitting the atmospheric and tone Life director Daniel Espinosa seemed to pair within it- this movie really should have been rated R. It feels like Sony really did censor and edit this one as much as they could have, with the blood and violence being as limited as possible. It takes away from the experience as a whole, one moment in particular where a man acts like his throat is cut open but there is LITERALLY NOTHING THERE. Unsurprisingly, as with the case with a lot of films like this, the CGI can be a bit overused at times. For the most part, I liked the look of vampire blood-hungry Morbius taken on by Jared Leto- but other similar CGI and at times that CGI itself can feel a bit too ugly and forced for comfort. The fight scenes towards the end in particular are also overdone with CGI, and I just really wish Sony would have let the people working on this film give some life to the project instead of worrying about its box office gross. I know I’ve complained a lot so far, but in terms of a film- I oddly did enjoy this one for the most part. Sure it’s messy, Matt Smith’s character is a bit over the top and it has some formulaic moments- but it is a very entertaining film. Leto and Arjona give their all to their performances and it has a lot of cool ideas and concepts that are interesting to see fleshed out on screen- particularly with Morbius in particular as he begins to learn how to control himself. There’s a lot of humanity hidden beneath the surface in this film though, even with some formulaic moments, there’s a lot of depth and heart put into the titular character and it really allows you to empathize both with the film’s story as well as Leto on screen. In the end, I enjoyed Morbius- it is far from perfect but it was a solid superhero endeavor and I’m curious to see what they may do with this character next.”

* 2/10

Dear Sony


“For the love of god, just stop

Your movies suck and give no respect to the characters or the story. You’re just interested in box office money and it shows. Yeah Marvel Studios is making bank but at least they have the decency to do right by the characters. You don’t even have that kind of respect. If it were my decision I’d cancel all future projects you have left and sell what characters you have the rights to back to Marvel.”

Is Morbius worth viewing? 

Like “The Batman,” “Morbius” is a classic American tale of personal trauma, existential agony, regenerative violence … and bats. Once again, the trauma reaches to childhood, though in this case, it involves the young Michael Morbius being treated in a Greek children’s hospital for a rare blood disease. (Why Greece? I have no idea.) There he had a sympathetic doctor (Jared Harris) and befriends a boy he calls Milo, who has the same disease. Milo grows up to become louche moneybag played by Matt Smith, who’s best known for playing Prince Philip in “The Crown,” a bit of casting history that gives his role here amusing tang.

The movie’s first half is better shaped than its second, and there are narrative lacunae here and there that suggest some late-breaking editing busywork. Even so, as a neo-vampiric tale of dread and desire, the entire thing more or less makes sense on its own improbable terms. The characters are similarly coherent, not just sketches that are designated to be filled out in successive franchise chapters. This modulation also extends to the visuals, despite the overall Goth gloom; here, lights are actually turned on, and sometimes the sun even shines, if only to explain that Morbius isn’t your granny’s Dracula.

The movie doesn’t have the visual wit and playfulness of the first “Doctor Strange,” and it’s nowhere as fun as the original “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which had a lightness of touch that’s almost entirely missing from the contemporary comic-book movie. “Morbius” is a ghoulish, suitably downbeat tale of madness, hubris, suffering and weird science set in a world that offers little solace. And while most of it is as predictably familiar as expected, it does something unusual for a movie like this: It entertains you, rather than bludgeons you into submission.

Our rate: 6/10

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