First Allison Janney, now Margot Robbie! The I, Tonya lead told Us Weekly that she plans on heading to a live show of Dancing With the Stars: Athletes this season to cheer on Tonya Harding, the athlete she portrayed in the Oscar-winning film.

“She told me she was on Dancing, she was like, ‘You gotta come watch!’ I was out of the country, I just got back. I was like, ‘I’ll come watch the show,’” Robbie, 27, told Us on Tuesday, May 8, at the afterparty for her upcoming movie Terminal.

Sebastian Stan, Margot Robbie and Julianne Nicholson in ‘I, Tonya‘
Sebastian Stan, Margot Robbie and Julianne Nicholson in ‘I, Tonya‘ NEON

Robbie grew close to the former pro skater while promoting I,Tonya, inviting her to movie premieres and even bringing her as her date to the Golden Globes.

During the first week of this season of Dancing With the Stars, Janney, who played Harding’s mother in the film, attended the show to show her support.

“I asked her and [screenwriter] Steven [Rogers] to come, and the young lady that played me in the movie,” Harding told Us after the premiere. “They can be here for my new beginning that was made from a fresh start from them.”

On Monday, May 7, Harding raved over Janney again. “We’re really good friends, and I wish her all the best in all of her endeavors, and she wishes me all the best in all of my endeavors,” Harding said of their friendship. “So we keep in touch, and she wishes me the best on stage, tells me, go out and do it, and I’m like, okay. Do the best I can!”

Dancing With the Stars airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET and you can check out Terminal in theaters and on demand/digital HD on May 11.