List of Best Firestick Movie Apps to Stream for Free in Q1 2022


In this list, we will show some of the best Firestick movie apps in Q1 2022 you should install to enhance your viewing experience.

Firestick is slowly becoming a common sight in most homes. It’s the most preferred streaming device around not just because is portable but because of the quality of streaming it provides. Ever since the Firestick device came on board, users find more comfort in watching TV and the joy of watching their favorite channels on any device was received with excitement.

No further ado, here are top 4 Firestick movie apps in Q1 2022


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Coincidentally, this is one of the reasons why users had to learn the technique of Firestick in the first place. Teatv is easily everyone’s favorite and prompted the action of Firestick. The popular app has also topped the chart of Best Jailbroken Firestick Apps for a long time.

Teatv is undoubtedly the Number one Media streaming App you should have on your jailbroken device. This is because it contains a number of video streaming software that take the streaming experience to the next level.

As such, it combines all your entertainment needs in just one platform. Teatv supports other operating system software for free and allows access to premium streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Prime video at no cost.

You can watch videos from different categories such as movies, TV shows and documentaries. Installing Teatv means freeing yourself from the shackles of monthly subscription and also having the liberty to watch those premium channels for free. With Teatv, you can simply have your cake and eat it too!

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Stremio is a superb streaming app that you can use to stream movies and TV shows with unlimited video content. It is a great app and available for Android, Firestick, Smart Android TV, and other devices with streams in high-definition (1080p). It is a free app with free streams and it will definitely keep you and your family entertained without disappointments.


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Mobdro is a streaming app, like the Teatv app. The add-ons are stored on the app itself, and not locally. This means that whatever app you download on one device to Stremio, all other devices will share that application. This is a very useful feature considering that many people may not remember which particular device has what version of an app on it.

Morph TV

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Morph TV is another new kid on the block, However, it shouldn’t be underestimated. The application is said to be a clone of Morpheus TV and operates by streaming movies and TV channels.

The good news is that Morph TV comes with useful features such as subtitles and offline view. This will come as a relief for most users struggling with the idea of viewing their content at a later date. It subtitle feature comes with multi-language support for all contents. Therefore, contents can be subtitled in as much as 20 different languages.

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