Jurassic World: Dominion review

Turning back 4 years after the successful prequel released in 2018, “Jurassic World: Dominion” has certainly faced many expectations, especially when it is a closing up for a cult franchise. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and other casts of Jurassic World franchise like Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum once again reunite in the world of prehistoric creatures.

The third part takes place after what happened in “Fallen Kingdom”. The Isla Nublar collapsed, opening the gate for danger and giant creatures to invade the human world. They have destroyed and threatened directly to human life and also the dominance of mankind on Earth. 

Owen used this time to protect wild dinosaurs, bringing them into safer areas. Meanwhile, Claire has continued to fight for the right of prehistoric animals. She even broke into illegal detention facilities to free the dinosaurs.

Claire and Owen also adopted Masie Lockwood after her grandfather died in the prequel. However, Masie’s puberty is expanding the gap between her and her adoptive parents. Simultaneously, the dangers from a mysterious locust plague, from dinosaur hunters are lurking to destroy the lives of humans, pushing mankind to the brink of doom.

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The film clearly has a good start with an impressive storyline and context. However, the plot suddenly turns back to a quite cliché scenario about the dark sides of humans such as greed and selfishness. This is really a lack-of-creative direction. It not only repeats the storytelling of the original Jurassic Park and now is Jurassic World, but also reminds many movies of the same genre. 

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The first half of the film is spent introducing the context, and the current situation of the characters. In the second half, many climaxes and contradictions appear absurdly and are handled quite hastily. The film was quite challenging for audiences to sit back until the end, not only for its long screen time but also for the continuous interweaving between action scenes and empty as well as tasteless dialogues.

The reappearance of old characters in the original Jurassic Park series doesn’t give a needed impression. This even makes the peak scenes quite lackluster. These characters are lost in the new context with clumsy, stupid actions. 

Jurassic World: Dominion brings many new dinosaurs with quite scary and strange shapes. However, they all appeared in promotions released by the studio. Many important scenes were also revealed previously, making audiences who are waiting for a breakthrough, more emotional ending will have to be quite disappointed.

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Final Words

In general, Dominion just stops as a pure entertainment experience. It has a good premise, but exploiting the old track has pushed audiences into boredom. The film still possesses some high-intensity action scenes, and the scares are quite effective, but they were all revealed in trailers, which somewhat reduces the enjoyment.

Our rate: 5/10 ⭐

*Disclaimer: This article is just the writer’s point of view, everyone has their own taste, so maybe your review will be different from ours. 

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