[Installation guide] TeaTV on PC/Laptop: Free download for Windows/Mac

You are tired of looking for an app that can stream your favourite TV shows and movies with the best quality? Wait no more! Cause TeaTV is here just for you. TeaTV is originally designed for Android devices but we decided to build another version for Windows and Mac to help you have an incredible watching experience on big screen with better links available. From now on, you can absolutely use TeaTV on PC/Laptop because it will give you the power to watch full episodes of all your favorite shows.

Now if you want to have TeaTV on PC/Laptop, this guide is here to show you how to download and install Tea Tv App on Windows & Mac PC/Laptop

TeaTV on PC on Windows/Mac


TeaTV for PC/Laptop on Windows/Mac

You may be wondering how to get TeaTV for laptop or desktop computers when it is an Android only app. Well, this is why we build the special version for Windows/Mac lovers. Just simply go to https://teatv.net/download/ and choose the versions (Android/Windows/Mac) you want to have then download it to your devices.

HOW TO INSTALL TEATV ON PC WINDOWS 10/8.1/8/7/xp (32 bit/64 bit)

TeaTV for PC/Laptop on Windows/Mac

Now you have the TeaTV .exe download, it’s time to install the file to your PC/Laptop. It’s so easy for even newbies to use. Just follow these steps:

– Click on the file to start the installation process.

– Follow the set of instructions that appear on the screen and respond properly to ensure successful installation.

– Wait till the installation finishes.

– Once done with the installation, the app home screen appears on the desktop of your computer.

– Select any program or a movie from the list and start passing out your time with TeaTV.


TeaTV for PC/Laptop on Windows/Mac

Like the version for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP, it’s pretty simple to download and install TeaTV on Mac OS. Now, you have the TeaTV .dmg download, learn to install the app on Mac by following these set of instructions given below carefully:

– Find the downloaded file in the downloads and click to run the file.

– This begins the installation process. Wait for the process to finish as it may take a moment of time.

– Once installed, the TeaTV home screen appears on the desktop showing the list of available movies and TV series.

– You can now select your required program to download and watch simultaneously.

Features Of TeaTV on Computers

TeaTV for PC/Laptop on Windows/Mac1. No Advertisements available

2. More Full HD TV Shows and Movies

3. Frequent update of the content

4. You can mark your favourite shows and movies

5. You can even download your favorite shows and movies

For best results, you should use TeaTV on Windows 10 or 8.1 or 8 or 7 or even XP. You can even use it on your Mac. It has all the benefits of television but also an added advantage of watching your favorite show anytime and anywhere.


Hence TeaTV is the way forward in the current scenario. Why would you miss out on entertainment when you have the latest technology at your disposal? Moreover, it is free of cost and gets you the best quality. You can watch shows from all around the world.

TeaTV is a one of its kind app that you don’t want to miss on your Android devices. It is easy to install and use. On TeaTV, you can browse through your favorite shows and watch any episode any time of the day. Just download TeaTV on PC/Laptop and start the entertainment.

May you have any issues with operating the app, do not hesitate to reach us out here


Download the beta version at: https://teatv.net/download/

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