Follow these step-by-step guides to watch “Stranger Things Season 4” free with the highest resolution!

Stranger Things season 4 is currently being binged around the world. However, not everyone has a Netflix account to view this hot-hit series. So, here we are with detailed instructions to help you have the best fulfilling streaming moment with Stranger Things 4 which is totally free.

Guides for “Stranger Things Season 4” free viewing

1. Download TeaTV to your devices

TeaTV is the best app to watch free and FHD movies and shows free. Contents on the app are updated every day. With TeaTV, you can watch all the latest releases that barely hit theater or streaming services.

Follow these links for full instructions:

2. Watch “Stranger Things Season 4” on TeaTV

Step 1: Open the app, TeaTV interface will show up on the screen

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 1

Step 2: Click on the magnifier symbol, then type “Stranger”

There will be a list of same name movies appear, based on the year and name displayed, choose the right one!

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 2

Step 3: Here’s come “Stranger Things” and relevant information.

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 3

Step 4: To watch from the first season, click on the “Watch now” button or scroll the screen to the episode list.

To watch season 4, click on “season” button, then choose “Stranger Things 4”.

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 4

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 5

Step 5: There will be a slew of movie links fetched from various sources including their quality. Choose the suitable one.

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 6

Step 6: Now you will have 2 options to continue streaming. Play with subtitles and without subtitles. Based on your need, choose your best fit.

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 7

Step 7: If you choose to view with subtitles, then you need to select a subtitle link showing up on the screen.

how-to-watch-stranger-things-season-4-online-for-free 8

Step 8: All done? Now enjoy your streaming time.

*You can customize the settings on the screen to enhance your streaming. 

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