Big fan of watching movies? Big fan of iPad? Besides browsing the web, iPad is a great device for watching movies and full-length feature films. But the cost for movies on iTunes or Netflix applications such as too expensive, and a lot of people asked me “How to get free movies and TV shows on my iPhone, iPad?”.

In this post, I’m going to widen your movie-watching horizons. So get some popcorn and discover the best ways to watch the latest full-length movies for free. I would like to introduce you 3 great applications that provide free movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPad

Top 3 free movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPad

1, Movies Diary

The first application is also a free movie and TV Shows app on iPad that I rated best. It makes me impressed by the ability to synchronize information with TraKT. I have a history of watching hundreds of movies and a lot of TV shows, and Movies Diary has helped me not miss any movie. However, for new users, this feature is still not effective because the operation steps are quite complex.

Back to the main topic, we are talking about free movies and TV shows app on iPhone. Of course, all the movies and TV shows on this app are free, and moreover, it supports multiple languages and over 60 different subtitles in the world. Not only is there a huge movie collection, Movies Diary also offers high-quality movies. You don’t have to worry about server errors that you can’t watch movies in the golden frame, because Movies Diary doesn’t upload movies on their servers, movies are streamed from multiple sources, so you can watch movies with consistent quality anytime, anywhere.

– Movies Diary supports iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

2, TubiTV

“Tubi TV” is not only great for watching top TV shows and movies for free, it is also a special application for anime fans. Free shows and movies are added every week on Tubi TV, so you can watch new movies, documentaries, Korean dramas, anime, horror, comedy and so much more, without having to a subscription fee.

It allows you to create and manage your video queue to your liking. If you have to stop watching the movie for whatever reason, you can easily pick it from where you left off. When new videos are added every Wednesday, you’ll continue to make the most of the top videos.

– Tubi TV supports iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

3, Crackle

Crackle is an iOS application, completely free to download and watch movies. It has a point that I do not appreciate, the movies are updated month by month so you have to spend some time finding the latest movies. For free the movies, there is a hidden cost – a lot of ads inside the video.

If you can tolerate it and you live in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil or Latin America, try this app. Except for advertising, Crackle is a good app to try. There are many old movies of the twentieth century, plus a video player that supports subtitles for smooth video experience. So if you are looking for something unique, Crackle is what you need.

– Crackle supports iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

These 3 apps offer you a lot of free movies and TV shows in iPhone, iPad. And do you know any other ways to get free movies and TV shows on iPhone free? Let’s share with us!