In the Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 premiere, Morgan (Lennie James) moved from The Walking Dead to the spin-off, opening up previously unavailable crossover opportunities. So now more than ever it’s fun to think about how characters from The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead might interact. For example, how would John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) and Luciana Galvez (Danay Garcia) handle Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) if given the chance?

Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) decision to slash Negan’s throat but keep him alive inspired much debate among fans, many of whom are eager to see Negan dead. But according to Dillahunt and Garcia, their Fear characters likely would have handled Negan similarly to Rick, just with their own personal touches added in.

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Dillahunt — who was considered to play Negan before Morgan was cast — said that John Dorie wouldn’t have killed Negan, either. In fact, Negan would have ended up with an injured hand in this scenario too, since murder-averse John would have done his signature move of disarming his enemy by shooting the gun out of their hand.

“The thing is, I’m a good shot, you know?” Dillahunt said. “Which I think is refreshing in the Walking Dead universe. I don’t waste a lot of bullets.” (Dillahunt is touching on something here; the universe has gotten out of control with the unlimited-ammo cheat code in recent times.)

As for Luciana, Garcia thinks her character would have found a way to work things out with Negan that relied less on knives and more on words.

“Women, we negotiate,” she explained. “We try to understand the other side. We’re not that emotional about killing. But I think I would just try to listen to his story, calm him down, try to talk to him to learn Spanish with me. I don’t think I would go hardcore because he’s obviously a very scary character. You learn to deal with danger in such a way.”

We’re seeing Luciana’s ability to be empathetic and see where her enemies are coming from in Fear the Walking Dead this season. No one else left a book for the child spy Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) after they found out she was working for the Vultures, you know? Lucy definitely wouldn’t have taken a half a season to come to the conclusion that Negan didn’t have to die. Carl (Chandler Riggs) only would have had to tell her once.

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