Elisabeth Moss Says Female Directors Not Hired Because of Sexism


When it comes to the lack of female directors, Elisabeth Moss says the answer is simply sexism.

In an interview with Katie Couric for the new National Geographic docuseries “America Inside Out with Katie Couric,” the “Handmaid’s Tale” star discusses the challenges faced by women in Hollywood.

Asked why there are so few female directors in the industry, Moss says “there are female directors in Hollywood.” The problem, she says, is that they’re not being hired by the “people in charge.” “I don’t know why, except for it to be sexist,” says Moss. “It’s idiotic. There’s so many good choices out there.”

It’s important to have women behind the camera as directors, she says, because “there’s a sensibility that a woman brings that is just different.”

“Women know that we’re not just strong, we’re not just vulnerable, we are not just attractive or not attractive,” Moss adds. “We are many things at once and we’re able to see into that complexity.”

Director Reed Morano won an Emmy for directing for her work on the first season of “Handmaid’s Tale.”

The actress serves as an executive producer on the Hulu series, which she said is important to her as “I’m not going to get involved in something that is going to be using my face and my name and all of the hard work and not have ownership over it.”

Watch the exclusive clip above from the episode, titled “The Revolt,” which airs May 9 on National Geographic. Along with visiting Moss while filming Season 2 of “Handmaid’s Tale,” Couric also talks to Viola Davis and Geena Davis about sexual harassment and gender inequality in the workplace.