Read and discover full guide to download and install TeaTV on Smart TV (Android TV, Fire Stick TV,…) in 2022!

How To Download TeaTV On Smart TV in 2022?

TeaTV is a third-party app, so you can’t download it directly. Before install TeaTV firestick, you need to access Downloader App on your TV

1. Install Downloader App For Android TV

  • Firstly, you’ve to go into the Settings option on your Smart TV. Scroll down till you find the Security & restrictions option.
  • Click on it and turn on the Unknown sources option. By that, you could install applications outside of PlayStore.
  • A warning window will appear to you and, select OKTurn off Verify apps option only if you want to install any modded apps. Press the back button couple of times until you get back to the home screen.

You need to follow the above steps. Otherwise, there is no point in installing the app. To install the app, do the following.

  • Open Google Play Store on your home screen. Yes, it is available on the Google Play Store on Android TV. 
  • Type in Downloader on the Search bar.
  • You will find the Downloader app in the search results below. Select the app and press the Install button.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the app and select Allow option so that the Downloader can access media and files on your device.
  • Have a quick read through the start guide and click OK. Now the app is ready to use.

2. Install Downloader app on Fire Stick TV

Step 1: From the home screen of your device, hover over the Find option.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 1

Step 2. Click Search.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 2

Step 3. Search for and select Downloader.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 3

Step 4. Choose the Downloader app.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 4

Step 5. Click Download.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 5

Step 6. Wait for the app to install.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 6

Step 7. Once the app finishes installing click Open.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 7

Step 8. Return to the home screen and open Settings.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 8

Step 9. Click My Fire TV.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 10

Step 10. Choose Developer options.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 11

Step 11. Click Install unknown apps.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 12

Step 12. Find the Downloader app and click it.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 13

Step 13. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app. This will enable side-loading on your device.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 15

3. Install Downloader App Through Chromecast With Google TV Instructions

For those using the new Chromecast with Google TV device, follow the screenshots below.

Step 1. Click Apps from the main menu.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 16

Step 2. Click Search for apps.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 17

Step 3. Type in “downloader” within the search bar and click the search icon.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 18

Step 4. Choose Downloader by AFTVnews under Apps.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 19

Step 5. Click Install.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 20

Step 6. Once the app installs return back to the home screen.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 21

Step 7. Click Settings from the menu on the right.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 22

Step 8. Click System.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 24

Step 9. Click About.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 25

Step 10. Click Android TV OS build approximately 7 times.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 26

Step 11. You will eventually see a message that says “you are now a developer!”

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 27

Step 12. Click the back button on your remote until you’re in the Settings menu. Click Apps.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 28

Step 13. Click Security & Restrictions.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 29

Step 14. Choose Unknown sources.

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 30

Step 15. Turn on unknown sources for the Downloader app. You can now sideload apps on your Chromecast with Google TV!

easiest-tips-to-download-and-install-teatv-on-smart-tv-in-2022 31

4. Download TeaTV through Downloader App for Smart TV

*Note: These video players present download processes on FireTV, but with the Downloader app available on your TV, you can do exact same processes with other smart TV devices. 

Step 1: Launch Downloader App.  On the screen, there will be some buttons, click on the “Search” button

Step 2: A empty URL bar will show up. Type this code: 81637 then click Go. TeaTV apk for firestick downloading process will start automatically

Step 3: Wait till the process is done, click Install

Step 4: Now TeaTV is available on your TV. Click Open, find your favorite movies, and enjoy!

That’s all for how to install TeaTV on firestick, Android box. With just some simple and easy steps, now you can expand your movie streaming on bigger screen with TeaTV app. 

Download TeaTV For Android in 2022:

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