TeaTV apk for Android

TeaTV is a platform provides almost the latest Free Movies and is the latest add-on with Movies and TV Shows in Full HD 1080p & HD 720p. Tea TV is an Android APK file that has a lot of Movies and TV shows to watch with a variety of genres including Drama, Crime, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Western, Animation, Biography and more.


App name TeaTV
Version  10.4.7
Operating System Android
File type APK
Requirements Android 5
Author TeaTV
Feature Stream HD movies and TV shows
Last Update 25/08/2022

TeaTV – Version: 10.4.6r

  • Add more link providers
  • Fix link not ready
  • Fix bugs and optimize

TeaTV – Version: 10.4.5r

  • Add filter by categories
  • Fix bugs

TeaTV – Version: 10.4.4r

  • Fix link not ready
  • Fix bugs

TeaTV – Version: 10.4.3r

  • Add 2 links providers
  • Fix bugs and optimize focus on TV

TeaTV – Version: 10.4.2r

  • Fix link not ready

TeaTV – Version: 10.4.1r

  • Add 4 new link providers
  • Fix bugs

TeaTV – Version: 10.4.0r

  • Fix link not ready


TeaTV is an application for streaming and downloading Movies and TV shows for free exclusively for Android

2. Is it legal?

It is legal as TeaTV does not host or re-up anything. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t re-up the video any elsewhere.

3. Is TeaTV safe to use?

  • Absolutely FREE with NO login required.
  • Doesn’t show any illegal pirated content.
  • Make your experience more enjoyable by integrating both a Real-debrid ( It will provide you with numerous links in 720 and even 1080p High Definition) and Trakt.tv account ( This feature can sync your favorite content across multiple platforms ) within the app.