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"TeaTV is the best free movie streaming app for multiplatform like Android APK, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, SHIELD TV, WIndows, iOS…
We always try our best to fix issues, upgrade, develope our app for a better version.
Thank you for your downloading and using of TeaTV - The best app to watch movies free."
Version: 10.5.0r
Release date: 09/17/2022
Downloader code: 269463

TeaTV: The best free movie streaming app for Android to watch all the hottest and latest films in Full HD resolution

TeaTV App Release Notes:

TeaTV - Version: 10.4.6r

  • Add more link providers
  • Fix link not ready
  • Fix bugs and optimize

TeaTV - Version: 10.4.5r

  • Add filter by categories
  • Fix bugs

TeaTV - Version: 10.4.4r

  • Fix link not ready
  • Fix bugs

TeaTV - Version: 10.4.3r

  • Add 2 links providers
  • Fix bugs and optimize focus on TV

TeaTV - Version: 10.4.2r

  • Fix link not ready

TeaTV - Version: 10.4.1r

  • Add 4 new link providers
  • Fix bugs

TeaTV - Version: 10.4.0r

  • Fix link not ready


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