Criminal Minds Mega Buzz: Is Reid Keeping Secrets from the Team Again?


The Season 13 finale of Criminal Minds will bring Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) back from sabbatical in order to save former FBI agent Owen Quinn (James Urbaniak).

However, the way Reid finds out that Quinn is in danger — via e-mail — sets off some alarm bells for J.J. (A.J. Cook). Reid hates e-mails and not only does he answer this one, but he gets a S.W.A.T. team to help him deal with the situation before the rest of the team finds out.

That’s some pretty fishy behavior, and considering the fact that the last time Reid kept secrets he ended up in a Mexican jail for murder, she has a right to be concerned. J.J. wastes no time in confronting the godfather of her son about her suspicions, but can we really believe Reid when he tells her she has nothing to worry about?

Criminal Minds‘ Season 13 season finale airs Wednesday, April 18 at 9/8c on CBS.