Is another emergency coming? On the season 2 finale of Chicago Med, Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) was shot and his life was left in the air. So, should fans expect another shocker heading into the season 3 finale?

“There’s a big cliffhanger, a very emotional one, at the end of this season,” co-showrunner Andrew Schneider tells Us Weekly. While he won’t confirm which character it will affect most — or when we’ll get answers — he does shed light on Sarah Reese’s dark story line, adding that there’s major conflict coming.

“Her father will continue to be a thorn in her side,” Schneider says while co-showrunner Diane Frolov notes, “She is going to have a very big crisis and we may not see the end of that crisis until next season.”

Read the rest of Us Weekly’s Q&A below:

Us Weekly: All season, Connor and Bekker have had a rollercoaster of a relationship. Could it be real?
Andrew Schneider: This is a couple that’s very attracted to each other but there’s a big push-pull because they’re both very ambitious, very competitive. It’s a really tough thing. As much as they’d like to get together, there’s another side that says ‘I don’t want to be vulnerable to this person.’
Diane Frolov: It’s tough being vulnerable with someone you’re in competition with. We will continue to explore the complication of the relationship but at the same time, there’s underlying feelings or attraction.
AS: It plays out very heavily in the last two episodes

Colin Donnell as Connor Rhodes in ‘Chicago Med‘
Colin Donnell as Connor Rhodes in ‘Chicago Med‘ Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Us: I feel like Connor (Colin Donnell) has struggled to find something he really loves doing, really finding happiness.
AS: If we get to do next season, we have a plan for Connor that will be great professional satisfaction, and we use all his skills and trainings.

Us: Manstead has been a favorite couple for fans for so long and whenever they get together, they mess it up. Why do you think this push and pull with them is still so strong?
DF: They’re very different personalities and in a work situation which brings that conflict. They have very different history. She’s a little weary of committing and he’s really always put her on a pedestal which has clouded his vision of a realistic relationship. He’s a romantic and wants to take care of her. They’re trying to find a balance.
AS: They can be very stubborn and opinionated and she confesses the problems she’s had as a woman and doctor. She’s talked about being disregarded and she’s felt that Will has done that to her in the past. It’s tough. There’s hope for them at the end of the season though.
DF: We’ll actually see progress in their relationship in this week’s episode.

Us: When it comes to Reese (Rachel DiPillo), on top of her personal issues, we saw a hint of a romance with Noah (Roland Buck III). Any plans to develop that?
AS: The problem is that she’s so preoccupied with other emotional issues, it’s very hard to get romantic. But we always liked the thought of her and Noah.
DF: It didn’t happen because of being preoccupied and she’s also an introvert. She doesn’t have a lot of friends.
AS: She’s not outgoing, she has trouble with relationships.

Us: Because she shuts people out?
DF: She doesn’t have quite the skill yet. She’s always been, I think even as a little girl, the kind of personality that’s retreating and isolated. Obviously with her dad, she had to deal with his abandonment. She couldn’t really look at a relationship and say I want my relationship to be like that. She didn’t have a model. So that’s what she’s struggling with.

Us: The hospital overall has also been trying to stay afloat this season. Is that going to come to a head at season’s end?
DF: Absolutely. It will come to a head at the end of the season. We’ll continue with that theme of how do you mix business and healthcare together?
AS: It’s such a profound issue in this country. Everyone faces that issue: how do you pay for your medical care?

Chicago Med airs on NBC Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.