Who needs a bae when you’ve got yourself? Bake some cookies and put a bottle of rosé in the fridge. Then invite the girls over and watch these best movies for singles on Netflix. It’s guaranteed you’ll feel fabulous about singledom.


Starting of best movies for singles on Netflix, we have Clueless. This movie is known for being a lot of things. The 1995 film is a cult classic, a feast of fashion, endless inspiration for memes, and a place to learn a lot of life lessons. It is also a movie that looks at a single teenager, Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone). Instead of bugging too much about her own single status, she is helping others by employing her unofficial services as a matchmaker.

Eat Pray Love

If you’re struggling to make a settlement with yourself I think this movie should top the recommend list. It’s a magnificent film, thanks to the unique script, Julia Roberts has been spectacular as her character Liz; but all actors had done a great job. Julia represents 65 % of the acting work. The men in her life, from Billy Crudup (husband), James Franco, and finally Javier Barden have secondary roles. The author did not give any importance to the actors, the entire movie is about herself, with the unique Julia Roberts representing her.

For A Good Time, Call…

Moving up to one of the best movies for singles, For A Good Time, Call…Consider this the When Harry Met Sally of friendships. Two very different women bond over their phone sex line company and find themselves in a beautiful BFF relationship. It’s proof that sometimes your friends can be your ultimate soulmates, so maybe throw your real-life bestie some heart-shaped chocolates this year.


This story, about a mother searching for the son she lost years earlier, is definitely a tearjerker, but Judi Dench’s knockout performance as the resilient titular character is a reminder that females are strong as hell. A best fit for any single in an emotional day.


A gem of an indie comedy, Buddymoon stars David Giuntoli (Grimm) as a jilted groom who decides to embark on his hiking honeymoon with his eccentric best friend (played by Pitch Perfect 2’s Flula Borg). As the madcap but kind-hearted traveling companion, Borg delivers a star-making performance, which proves how a platonic love can often be more important and enduring than a romantic one.


This 2013 Indian dramedy boasts a similar premise to the above – a Punjabi girl decides to go on her honeymoon regardless of the fact her groom-to-be dumped her just days before the wedding. But in Queen, the jilted hero goes it entirely alone, where she ultimately creates far more long-lasting memories than she would have done as part of a couple.

The Beach

Being single means that you’re free to be more adventurous, and this 2000 adaptation of Alex Garland’s best-seller is certainly one heck of an adventure. OK, so the final nightmarish third of The Beach might put you off from ever stepping foot outside your front door. But from its crystal-blue sea and lush greenery, to its moonlit shores and epic waterfalls, almost everything about this turn-of-the-century adventure initially feels like a free-spirited single person’s dream.


The ending of best movies for single on Netflix is Bridesmaids. Even though pretty much everyone gets a happy ending here, Bridesmaids is ultimately more about friendship than the wedding that initially brings the motley crew together. Indeed, Bridesmaids shows that while partners will come and go, the bond between lifelong friends is one worth disgracing yourself for, whether it’s on an airplane, at a bridal shower, or, most famously, on the kerbside of a very public street.

The list is not exhaustive, or profound, but it is mine, and it’s made with love for singles. Let your mind escape, and let your worries get lost momentarily in these best movies for singles on Netflix.

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