Bac Films Scores Major Pre-Sells Animated Feature ‘Terra Willy’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Bac Films has closed a raft of pre-sales on Eric Tosti’s “Terra Willy,” the family animated feature from TAT Productions, the company behind “The Jungle Bunch: The Movie” which traveled worldwide.

Since launching sales a few days ago at Cannes with a teaser, Bac Films has already pre-sold “Terra Willy” to China (AGC), Italy (Notorious), CIS/Russia/Baltics (Exponenta Film), South Korea (Green Narae),
Scandinavia, (Selmer Media), Poland (M2 Films), Pan Asian TV (Fox), Israel (Lev), South Africa (Forefront), Middle East (Salim Ramia), Former Yugoslavia (MCF) and Vietnam (Skyline).

Set in the future, “Terra Willy” follows a 10-year-old boy who is separated from his parents following the destruction of their spaceship and lands on a wild and unexplored planet.

“’Terra Willy’ has been a hot sell at Cannes because of its great animation design and richly-layered script, and TAT is a well-respected animation company — buyers are aware of the success of their previous production ‘The Jungle Bunch,’” said Gilles Sousa, the head of sales at Bac Films.