All Thing We Know About “Euphoria Season 3”: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot,…


“Euphoria Season 2” has finally come to a sweet and bitter end, and we come with a new season is set to release soon. Here are things we know so far about Euphoria Season 3!

When will Euphoria season 3 be released?

It’s worth bearing in mind that Covid-19 delayed Euphoria season two’s release, so we’re expecting that if things run smoothly this year, we could see season three arrive as early as 2023.

However, we will keep you getting up to speed by updating this post as the news comes out. So, make sure to bookmark this post to catch up with all the latest information. 

Who makes up the Euphoria season 3 cast?

You’ll be happy to know that Zendaya is expected to resume her role as Rue Bennett, in addition to starring alongside Euphoria regulars like Hunter Schafer (Jules), Jacob Elordi (Nate), Alexa Demie (Maddy), Barbie Ferreira (Kat), Algee Smith (Chris), Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), Maude Apatow (Lexi) and Dominic Fike (Elliot).

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Euphoria cast

Ferreira recently address rumors of tension between her and Levinson on the set of the show. Alleged incidents include the pair ‘butting heads’, according to The Daily Beast, while a February 2022 cover story with The Cut touched on Ferreira and Levinson ‘arguing’.

According to the actor, however, rumors of problems have been exaggerated. ‘What’s interesting about this season is there are so many more eyes on it that even the news cycle has been so interesting to see,’ she told Insider. ‘I’ve seen so many different things, and a lot of it is untrue, and some of its kind of like mundane little things.

‘Sometimes, things take on a life of their own, and they’re not rooted in the truth, but it’s OK because I know it’s just out of passion and out of curiosity and all that good stuff. And I signed up for it. So, I’ll take it. I’ll take the good and the bad.’

Elordi also recently told Variety: ‘Whilst you shouldn’t suffer, to me, there’s great value in working hard…And they just [take] care of us. That’s my family. If I’m working long hours, Sam’s working twice as long, Zendaya’s working three times as long. We’re all in it together.’

HBO has also released its own statement in which it defended Levinson’s set: ‘The well-being of cast and crew on our productions is always a top priority. The production was in full compliance with all safety guidelines and guild protocols. It’s not uncommon for drama series to have complex shoots, and COVID protocols add an additional layer. We maintain an open line of communication with all the guilds, including SAG-AFTRA. There were never any formal inquiries raised.’

While Zendaya’s role in the show raised question marks given there were rumors her character might be killed off at the end of season two, Casey Bloys, Chief Content Officer at HBO, told to TVLine that the Emmy-award winner is ‘going to be in season three – it’s hard to imagine doing [the] show without her’. We couldn’t agree more.

Following speculation Tom Holland – Zendaya’s boyfriend – made a cameo in season two (read more here), and has expressed his desire to star in the series, it’s still unknown whether the Spider-Man star will actually nab a role in the upcoming series.

According to Buzzfeed News, the actor hung out on set during the filming of season two, and Zendaya previously told Entertainment Tonight that his cameo has been discussed.

What will be Euphoria season 3 plot?

Assuming it’s like the first two seasons and the special bridge episodes, the show will most likely pick up where it leaves off. Since season 2 ended on an intense note for characters like Fez, Nate, and Cal, the upcoming season will most likely expand upon these storylines or give attention to characters who didn’t get much screen time in season 2 (looking at you, Gia, Lexi, Faye, Ethan, and Kat).

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What will happen in Euphoria 3?

As for the trajectory of Storm Reid’s character, Gia, the actress is hoping that she’ll have the opportunity to heal in season 3. The 18-year-old told E! News, “I think in season 1, it was a lot of Rue’s problems on the front line and her struggles being depicted.” She went on to explain that Gia became “fed up” with her big sister in the show’s second season.

“I hope that we get some reconciliation with a lot of things and I hope Gia gets to show her personality more and how she feels about things,” Storm continued before revealing that the role has affected her mental health. “Once you call cut and say it’s a wrap for the day, I’m usually able to go home and be fine, but I spent a lot of time thinking about what we shot after the fact — I think it really bothered me.”

“That’s your true raw emotion of what’s going on in the scene and to see [Rue] kick down that door and scream at me and like us tussling, I was just like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to do this anymore,'” Storm described the filming of Rue’s intervention in season 2.

There are also a few unanswered questions from the show’s first two seasons, so season 3 may also dive into what happened with Laurie after Rue escaped her house and how Nate’s family dynamic is going to change since Cal’s arrest.

Will there be any new characters in Euphoria Season 3?

Since season 2 brought on a few new characters from Faye to Elliot, we’ll probably see some new faces in the third season, too.

In a conversation with Where Is the Buzz on March 16, 2022, Keke Palmer mentioned that she is open to appearing in the upcoming season. “I mean sure, I would do a guest appearance. I’m ready to go up in there and set stuff on fire. Let’s go!” she said after interviewer Tatyana Arrington asked if she’d be down for a guest spot. The actress is certainly familiar with the past season’s storylines — in their interview, Tatyana referenced a viral TikTok video where Keke shares how “fired” up the show makes her, and that she’s definitely #TeamMaddy. Plus, Keke already has worked with one Euphoria star — she stars alongside Barbie Ferreira in Jordan Peele’s upcoming thriller, Nope.

Are there any trailers of Euphoria season 3?

The show just got renewed for a third season, so there are no teasers or official trailers out yet. If it’s anything like season 2, we’ll probably see a trailer about a month before the new season arrives.

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