Let’s explore the multiverse, and immerse in the dreamscapes with the best sci-fi movies in 2022. 

In today’s technological future we have more ways to escape reality than ever before, and yet, the movie still reigns supreme. Almost everything has been granted to us from sci-fi epics of the past as we go about our daily lives interacting with smartphones, VR headsets, face identification, and self-driving cars. Even so, we all sit down at the end of the day and enjoy a good film.

Whether we’re exploring how our new connection to technology emotionally affects us, or just escaping into a wild adventure, the best sci-fi films of 2022 have everything we need. We can enter the multiverse, save the world from destruction, and even have a good cry talking to robots and clones. Below, we’ve rounded up our seven favorite sci-fi films of the year (so far).

Best sci-fi movies of 2022

King Car

Release date: January 7, 2022

“King Car” is a horror-comedy-sci-fi oddity chock-full of political commentary. The film stars Luciano Pedro Jr. as Uno, a boy who can telepathically communicate with cars. He refurbishes an old automobile, the titular King Car (Tavinho Teixeira), providing it with the means to actually speak. While Uno’s power is exploited by his uncle Zé (Matheus Nachtergaele), King Car has its own ideas. The bizarro absurdity of this one-of-a-kind film spins out of control at times, but “King Car” is definitely a wild ride worth taking.


Release date: January 14, 2022

Lonely teenager Suzu (Kaho Nakamura) leads another life in the virtual world known as “U.” There, she’s a famous singer named Belle with charming freckles and flowing pink hair. After a concert is violently ruined by a mysterious user known as the Dragon (Takeru Satoh), Belle sets out to find him. As she soon discovers, they both have tragedies in their real lives they need to overcome. “Belle” features stunning visuals and real emotional heft, rooted in the trials and tribulations of adolescence.

Last Survivors

Release date: February 4, 2022

Troy (Stephen Moyer) and his son Jake (Drew Van Acker) live in a remote haven, far from the horrors of the post-apocalyptic landscape. Though Troy tells Jake the world beyond is a nightmarish waste, that doesn’t keep Jake from being fascinated by Henrietta (Alicia Silverstone), a woman he meets while looking for medicine. “Last Survivors” distinguishes itself from other post-apocalyptic films by focusing on the characters’ inner turmoil: Their emotional journeys take center stage, rather than the ravages of World War III.


Release date: February 4, 2022

Roland Emmerich is the king of natural disaster sci-fi films. Over the years, he has graced us with Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012, garnering him the title of “master of disaster.” Moonfall, his latest film about the moon heading for a collision course with Earth, is the next best entry into “so bad its good” filmmaking that depicts the end of the world as we know it.

Strawberry Mansion

Release date: February 18, 2022

This surreal sci-fi-rom-com adventure stars Kentucker Audley as James Preble, a government agent who audits people’s dreams. That’s right: In the future this movie imagines, dreams are taxed. He soon discovers something more sinister afoot as he audits Bella (Penny Fuller), an elderly artist and the sole occupant of the titular home. Full of bizarre logic, oddball characters, and striking imagery, “Strawberry Mansion” is a splendid head-trip guaranteed to expand your imagination.

After Yang

Release date: March 4, 2022

“After Yang” is a deeply moving exploration of memory and grief. In an idyllic-looking future, parents Jake (Colin Farrell) and Kyra (Jodie Turner-Smith) have provided their adopted daughter Mika (Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja) with an android sibling named Yang (Justin H. Min). When Yang stops functioning, Jake promises Mika he will have her “brother” back to normal as soon as possible. But as they go through Yang’s memory bank, Jake and Kyra make several major discoveries about Yang’s past and the true depths of his soul. What emerges is breathtaking.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Release date: March 30, 2022

Simply put, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is one of the best films of the year. An endlessly inventive and absurdist delight, it stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn, a middle-aged laundromat owner whose IRS audit becomes a surreal adventure. The multiverse is threatened by a fearsome being, and only Evelyn can save every dimension everywhere. An eye-popping journey through alternate universes ensues. Multiple viewings are a must to catch every detail packed into this wild, heartfelt, and colorful good time.

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood

Release date: April 1, 2022

Director Richard Linklater returns to the idea of boyhood–one of his favorite subjects–in Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood, a film about a young kid who fantasizes about being one of the astronauts to land on the Moon. The animated feature is playful, inspiring, and nostalgic for a time when the space race meant more than billionaires building rockets.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Release date: May 6, 2022

Sam Raimi infuses the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his trademark horror in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” Superhero sorcerer Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) must protect America Chavez (Xochitl Gómez), a dimension-hopping teenager, from someone seeking to steal her powers. Their flight across the multiverse takes them to the very limits of existence. Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) emerges as the emotional core of the film as she struggles with the harrowing aftermath of “WandaVision.” What results is a blend of terror, fantasy, and sci-fi you won’t soon forget.


Release date: May 20, 2022

Quirky and disarmingly deadpan, Dual exists in the future when a clone of yourself can live on in your place if you come down with a terminal illness. The clone never mentions to your family and loved ones that you actually died, and everyone goes about their lives none the wiser. What could possibly go wrong?

Jurassic World: Dominion

Release date: June 10, 2022

While 2015’s Jurassic World was a thrilling update of Stephen Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster, its 2018 sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was arguably the franchise’s messiest entry so far. However, the return of Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevorrow to the director’s chair means that Jurassic World: Dominion should be able to end the Jurassic World trilogy satisfyingly. Admittedly, the surreal ending of Fallen Kingdom (wherein dinosaurs were let loose on the human population and roamed free the world over) will be a hard act to follow, and Jurassic World: Dominion will have its work cut out when it comes to making sense of this absurd twist and its implications.

Fortunately, if anyone can pull off this feat, it is Trevorrow, who has brought back not only Jeff Goldblum but also Jurassic Park’s original stars Laura Dern and Sam Neill for this second sequel. This will mark Dern and Neill’s first return to the franchise since 2001 and bodes well for Jurassic World: Dominion, which could wrap up Dr. Grant’s character arc in a way that the original trilogy failed to pull off. Only time will tell whether Trevorrow’s follow-up movie can both justify Fallen Kingdom’s goofy twist and improve on Neill and Dern’s existing characters, but Jurassic World: Dominion is definitively one of the year’s most anticipated releases regardless.

Avatar 2 

Release date: December 16, 2022

After so long waiting, Avatar 2 couldn’t possibly miss out on being branded as one of 2022’s most anticipated 2022 sci-fi movies. Despite James Cameron’s decision to announce several sequels all at once drawing some mockery, the Titanic director and Disney have risen to believe that Avatar can become a viable alternative to sci-fi as Disney’s next big sci-fi franchise. The original Avatar was, after all, far more than just a trick to take advantage of the 3D “gimmick” – the world created was absorbing and the characters engaging, even if there were some story issues.

Cameron’s sequels, beginning with Avatar 2 in 2022, should redress the story shortcomings of the original, expanding the alien worlds and the conflict with Earth, while bringing back the original characters including Sam Worthington’s Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana’s Neytiri, and Stephen Lang’s Miles Quaritch (despite his death). Add to that a host of new actors, like Kate Winslet, Michelle Yeoh, Jermain Clement and Cliff Curtis and there’s a lot to be excited about. The biggest question, of course, is how Avatar 2 captures the magic that made Avatar the biggest movie of all time, with Cameron turning to his own advances in underwater filmmaking to give it every chance of dazzling audiences.

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