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All of The Best Series of Ramadan in 2022

From Moon Knight to El Meshwar, here’s what you need to binge as Ramadan winds down

Ramadan is finally here, and with it, comes the biggest television season of the year for the Arab world. Here are the Ramadan series you won’t want to miss for 2022–and where to watch and stream them.

Best Series of Ramadan in 2022

1. Moon Knight

Starring: Oscar Isaac, May Calamawy, Ethan Hawke

Where to watch free: TeaTV

While it won’t officially premiere in the region until June 8, we have to admit that Moon Knight, the latest and greatest from Marvel Studios, has been perhaps the most talked about ‘Ramadan’ series in the globe, particularly praised for its accurate portrayal of modern Egypt, with the normal orientalism and inaccurate costuming gone with what has become one of the most unexpected and fun shows of 2022.

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2. El Meshwar

Starring: Mohamed Ramadan, Dina El-Sherbiny, Ahmed Magdy

Where to watch: TeaTV

Fans are loving Mohamed Ramadan’s latest star turn from acclaimed writer Mariam Naoum.

Last year saw superstar actor Mohamed Ramadan flex his historical and comedic chops in Mousa—this year it’s pure drama, and even a little bit of horror. The show follows a husband and wife who has been cursed.

3. Faten Amal Harby

Starring: Nelly Karim, Fadia Adel Ghany, Mohamed Al-Tagy

Where to watch: TeaTV

While it has picked up some controversy, some are already calling Nelly Karim’s latest a ‘masterpiece’, the best performance we’ve gotten yet from Karim.

Ramadan TV series is all about stars, stars, stars—did we mention stars?—and this year’s biggest star-led series comes from a beloved Egyptian actress who has dominated many a Ramadan season. This one follows her as a divorced mother stuck in conflict with her former mother-in-law as she battles for custody of her two daughters as she attempts to remarry.

4. Meen Qal

Starring: Jamal Suliman, Ahmed Dash, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Diana Hesham

Where to watch: TeaTV

Many on Twitter have been praising Meen Qal, also stylized as Meen Aal, calling it the best Ramadan series. Jamal Suliman plays a businessman and owner of myriad investment companies who finds himself attempting to help a group of kids through their many life problems.

5. Ahlam Saeeda

Starring: Yusra, Ghada Adel, May Kassab, Nour Mahmoud, Nabil Nouraldin

Where to watch: TeaTV

Ahlam Saeeda focuses on the struggles women face in our society nowadays, with a mad-cap comedic style. Yusra is the queen of Ramadan TV comedies, so this has definitely been a must-watch for many, with praise for its humor coming in full force.

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